How to Create a Personal Brand

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How to Create a Personal Brand

Branding has been important for hundreds of years. You could have the best product, service or skill set to offer, but you’ll still need to find a way to sell it to be successful. It’s here where creating a personal brand can be so important. Either you’re selling yourself as an individual, or your selling your business – or both. In whichever case, you’ll need to find the right people to help you nail your message onto your brand convincingly and professionally, and that’s what this article aims to provide, giving tips on how to create your own personal brand.

How to Create a Personal Brand

Initial Considerations  

Before you embark upon your brand-creation journey, you should take the time to make a mind map that covers all of the bases you hope your brand can represent. Often, you’ll find that it’s more difficult than you first imagined to capture everything you’re offering in as few words and symbols as possible. However, once you start connecting the dots and thinking about the most critical elements that you’d like to represent, you’ll be able to pitch your ideas to those with the abilities to help you refine and design your personal brand.

Straw men

You should also create some straw men to show to whoever you’ll be asking to do the design work on your brand. These are simply sketches of ideas in a rough format, either by hand or on a simple piece of design software. Perhaps you have a vision of a globe connected with nodes to show your internationalism or a series of icons that you feel represent your brand’s practices. Don’t be afraid to take inspiration from other brands and images you can find on the internet. Anything to help express your vision pictorially will be of assistance to those who design your brand.


 It’s one of the more expensive options, but if you’re looking for complete professionalism and high-quality design, you shouldn’t look further than a branding and marketing agency who’s highly experienced where selling products and services are concerned. They’ll not only be able to construct your brand, but they’ll also provide a roadmap for you to follow as your brand develops. This flexibility will be invaluable for those who are starting a more extended project that’s in need of a brand. Make some calls or send some emails to see whether outsourcing is the route you should take to design your brand.


If you’d prefer to go it alone, then you’ll be able to find a healthy array of workshops hosted in business centers, conference halls and co-working spaces that’ll help you sharpen up your ideas and bring some creativity, imagination, and originality into your personal brand. An excellent example of this is The Brew: a co-working space that also runs workshops for the many individuals who’re working freelance or in start-up businesses. Here, you’ll find knowledgeable teachers and people whose skills you might be able to harness to create a compelling personal brand.


Personal brands are incredibly important in business, and that’s why this article maps out in clear terms the steps you should take to create a truly inspirational brand.

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