7 Free Media Players for Windows

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7 Free Media Players for Windows-min

There are many free media players available on the market are nowadays offering so much more in terms of functionality and power. Plus, many users are now complaining of issues with Windows default media player, Window Media Player. If you are experiencing such issues or any other PC issues, you can search for solutions for common PC issues on Techloris.

7 Free Media Players for Windows

With so many media players in the market nowadays, it’s often difficult to the average user to decide which one to download and install. If you’re on the lookout for a free media player for Windows, here some of the best ones available on the internet:

VLC Media Player

You probably must have already heard of VLC media player. VLC is often the first choice of users when it comes to an alternative for a media player. That’s because it is light on the system and offers myriad of options.

VLC is completely free to install and use. It can play almost all kinds of media file formats including mp4, mp4, mp2, H.264, MKV, WebM, WMV and more. You won’t need to install any extra codec packs to run any of these file formats. Other than this, VLC also gives you the option of recording screens and audios directly from your computer. You can stream Youtube videos, subscribe to podcasts, listen to radio, capture screenshots, add bookmarks to your videos etc.

Pot Player

Pot Player is another free media player for Windows. Developed by a South Korean company, this media player can also play a wide range of file formats. You can download it on both 32-bit and 64-bit platform. Pot Player also allows you to edit your video setting. This means you can fiddle with the video picture settings like brightness, colour contrast etc to improve its end quality. You can bookmark your videos and play them from where you left them.

Another loved feature of Pot Player is its simple and yet beautiful interface. It doesn’t occupy much space on your computer and runs videos and audio very smoothly. Again for Pot Player, you don’t need to install any extra codec to play different file formats.

5k Player

5k Player is often the preferred choice for more advanced users of media players. This media player is powered by NVIDIA, Intel and DXVA 2.0. This allows for a seamless video and audio playback, without putting any load on your CPU.

With the 5k Player, you can use its inbuilt Airplay tech to play videos on Apple TV or any apple devices directly from your PC or Mac.  Also, 5k Player allows you to download videos directly from your internet, from Youtube, Instagram, Daily Motion, Vimeo and other such platforms.

Kodi Media Player

Kodi is another free media player that you can install on your PC, or even of Mac, Android and iOS devices. It’s designed to work as a home entertainment system. This means that it can connect your PC with your home entertainment devices. It then allows you to stream audios and videos from multiple streaming channels including Netflix, HBO, Amazon Prime, Hulu and more.

Kodi is very easy to install and operate. However, many users complain that there is little room for troubleshooting with this app. It doesn’t come with a proper troubleshooting manual.

Plex Media Player

Plex media player is one of the most popular media players when it comes to synchronizing with your home media server. Plex isn’t entirely free. It’s a freemium service, which means you will have to pay for its advanced features. But in its defence, it offers a lot of features for its paid users. It offers cloud storage, parental control, multiple user support, external device synchronization, live TV and DVR.

We recommend you go for the premium version if you plan on connecting it to your home media. Otherwise, you probably won’t need the entire extra features and you can benefit from the wide range of file formats that Plex media player supports.

KM Player

KM Player is a lightweight media player created by Pandora TV. Its in-built codec allows it to support a wide range of media formats including MP3, MP2, MP4, AVI, MKV, FLV, WMY, and many more. You can also use KM Player to download videos from the internet, quite like the 5K Player.

KM Player is also a good choice if you want to experiment with your video quality by apply filters and changing video settings. You can also play around with KM Player to customize its appearance for a more aesthetic look and feel.

DivX Player

DivX Player is also another option if you are looking for free media players for Windows. It’s an award winning media player. But, like Plex Player, it’s a freemium app. You will have to pay to access more advanced features.

Even with its basic features, DivX player offers a lot of options. You can enjoy a seamless video experience on multiple file formats. You can smoothen videos and audio for better playback.

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