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Content creation is a relatively new practice that arose from the blooming of the internet and the importance of positioning your brand on the internet. The objective of content creation is the generate appealing content for the readers, in order to create a bigger traffic flow in a website. But it is not as easy as it sounds, on the one hand, it requires some knowledge of the art of writing, on the other hand, you will need to dominate some specific subjects related to the interaction between the user and your site. Keep reading this article and find all about it!

Think about your audience

Readers are the reason for every article, blog, or text on the internet. That’s why the keystone of the content creation process is to know your audience in order to be capable of writing content they need. You have to be familiar with your target and understand what kind of topics, subjects and narrative tone they like. Also, think about their necessities as readers or consumers: if you are writing a shopping guide make sure to cover all possible doubts. Online you can find tools designed to point out the most searched questions related to a keyword, those can help you determine the kind of content you should include.

Find your voice

If your goal is to create special content, you need to develop your own voice, unique and well-differentiated. This might sound like an abstract concept, but it’s not so difficult to apprehend. First of all, you need to make sure that your content is original. In case you are hiring a ghostwriter, or editing a piece, there are online services, like, that offer plagiarism check, in some packages even for free! With these, you can make sure that the content your are editing is unique and original.

Besides ensuring the uniqueness of the content, you need to find an area where you feel comfortable and that you master up to some level. Also, let your personality come to the text, don’t repress the impulse to make a side comment, or throw in some recommendation. Still, remember to maintain always the limits of respect and courtesy.

Know your SEO

If you are learning how to become a content writer in today’s digital world, SEO is a basic aspect to take into consideration. It is an extensive subject that you will need to study, or at least do an online course to introduce you to Search Engine Optimization. In the meanwhile, we present you its basic principles:

  • Keywords and words’ search volume.
  • Title Tags and headlines.
  • Content density and patters for the right amount of words.
  • Clean Meta Descriptions.

Good grammar

This might seem an obvious one, but it’s always necessary to review its importance. Imagine you go to the hairdresser’s and the stylist assigned to you has terrible hair, dirty and dishevelled. Probably, the next thing you will do is to walk away to save your hair. That’s how a user feels when reads an article with grammar flaws. These “dumb mistakes” make you look unprofessional, so always double-check the grammar.

Do good research

When we talk about what is content creation, we have to refer to two aspects: the quality of the content and the presentation of it. In the second case, the manners and distribution of the information are related to SEO, but the quality of the content will be defined by your research. You have to do a thorough investigation and make sure that the information you have displayed is factual. It’s unacceptable to have fake data on a website that represents a brand.

Also, remember to always check for plagiarism, even with the texts you wrote yourself. It doesn’t take too long, it’s free, or at a very low cost, there are lots of online tools to check plagiarism and it’s a good precaution.

Some tips to choose the perfect topic

A key step of the content creation process is to choose an adequate topic, and, although it should be mainly defined by your audience’s preferences, there are some tips that will get you on the right track! Here are some of the most effective:

  • The classic newsjacking: Keep an eye open to recent events that might become viral.
  • Be attentive to the events planned for the near future, maybe keep track of their evolution.
  • Take personal experiences and modify them to illustrate your articles.
  • Make sure there’s sufficient material available.
  • Use popular content from your industry.

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5 Essentials for Successful Content Creation

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