How To Run An Environmentally Friendly Company

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How To Run An Environmentally Friendly Company

More people than ever are now engaged with environmentally friendly practices, and this is because scientists now understand more about the earth, how to try and rectify some of the damage already done, and how to generate other alternative energy sources and fuels. However, effects of human disregard for the planet have reached such drastic levels of toxicities in the oceans, in the soils, and in the atmosphere that going back might not be possible. As a business employer or employee, it’s your responsibility to do what you can, educate your staff, limit how much energy you waste both at home and at work, and reduce the sheer amount of wanton plastic that’s used to pack products. In this blog post, discover how to run an environmentally friendly company.

How To Run An Environmentally Friendly Company

Recycle And Compost

Recycle the paper and cardboard you use, and ask providers you use to send biodegradable boxes and wrapping too. Collect all the excess packaging you use and condense it into stackable piles using bailing wire that you can find at Bailing Wire Direct. You’ll save space by doing it this way, and you can have your recycling waste collected responsibly to avoid penalty charges for not disposing of waste properly. Keep a compost bin in the staffroom to encourage banana skins, apple peel, and other organic waste to be disposed of in there. You can then use this compost to help office plants grow – ideal for naturally improving air quality and circulation.

Pull The Plug

Switch appliances off at the wall instead of leaving them idly on standby for hours/overnight and consequentially draining precious energy resources. You’ll save money by being more energy conscious, as your utility bills will decrease. Make sure you have your plumbing system checked and changed so that less water is wasted with each flush of the toilet, and to install taps on timers in the bathrooms and staffrooms to ensure they’re not left running and steadily bumping up the cost of your water bill.

Use Less Packaging

Turn your attention to how you send products out to customers. Are you overpacking products and using excess paper and cardboard to surround the product? If the answer is “yes” or even “probably,” then you’ve got work to do. You must rectify this, and use smarter methods to ship materials from one place to the next. Consider using blister packaging on smaller items, and using a popular, reliable, and safe transport company that can more or less guarantee safe delivery.

Educate Staff to Help Build an Environmentally Friendly Company 

Engage your team with your values, and let them know of your efforts to become as environmentally friendly as possible. They will have a huge role in making this happen, especially as they’ll be creating waste by bringing food packages into work and most likely disposing of them on site too. Consider taking your staff on a course to educate them on the limited resources for fossil fuels and how they simply will not be here for everyone on earth to use in the future. Offer incentives for hurdles passed, such as reducing usage by 10%, and then 20%, 30%, and so on.

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