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Over the past few years, a lot of things have changed in the field of email marketing. Today, companies use new marketing techniques, but you know what’s funny? A simple correctly composed text of an email can be as effective (if not more), as a tricked-out email with a bunch of “bells and whistles”.

Moreover, no matter how bright and colorful your letters are, if they don’t contain interesting content, subscribers will not read them. If you manage to do everything right, then you can easily turn email subscribers into customers, be able to regularly encourage them to make repeat purchases and make regular customers loyal fans of the brand who will regard the refusal of your services as a betrayal.

Here are some tips to best email marketing campaign templates:

Choose the appropriate heading

One of the key elements of an effective email is its title. It plays the role of the gatekeeper: no one will read your wonderful email if the title was not interesting enough. Despite the fact that there are conflicting statistics on how truly the heading affects the opening of letters, making it attractive and revealing the subject of the letter clearly does not hurt.

Simple content

Despite all the advanced methods of designing emails and a lot of people claiming to give preference to HTML templates for emails, letters that have nothing but text work fine. So, in the process of developing your email marketing campaign, you should not disdain letters, which are not quite throwing in the design and contain nothing but text: for many recipients they can be a complete surprise.

Be aware of when to use images

As mentioned above, in many email campaigns, there is always a place for ordinary text letters, but it is even more important to know which of them is worth using images.

This is one of email marketing templates from the furniture giant IKEA, used to promote new décor and interior design competition, which simply would not have worked without visual accompaniment. It’s hard to imagine how you can talk about design without using images. Although the studies confirm the fact that ordinary text letters convert better, this approach still applies to all situations.

email marketing campaign template example

Do not forget about the relevance

As well as the title, the text of the message should be relevant to the reader.

In this case, personalization is also not limited to writing the name of the recipient in circulation. In the introduction, explain to the reader how you met him.

This is an example of a letter from Warby Parker’s online store of glasses to my colleague (by the way, the title of the letter was very good: “Oops, your prescription for glasses expires”).

email marketing campaign template example

More holidays and events

Another variant of free email marketing templates, the design of which tells us that using as many national holidays and trade events as possible, such as Black Friday or New Year, is not such a bad idea. It is hard to resist special offers and promotions when you have already decided to buy something as a gift for yourself or your family. You can do even more and better, namely, personalize these letters and the suggestions they contain based on the recipient’s purchase history and other interactions with your brand.

email marketing campaign template example

Calling for hidden desires

If you happen to be in one of those industries that attract people’s attention, make the most of this factor. Perhaps more than the rest of this succeeded ticket services, and not only because everyone wants to travel. You can also turn to some writing services if you lack the ideas for the content of your mailing. Just try to type “write my dissertation for me” or “popular writing service” in Google search, as these search queries are the best ways to find cheap writing assistance for you.

Visiting other countries is not the only thing people crave. Success, wealth, beauty, popularity and all kinds of human desires are the most powerful marketing incentives.

Be original

Your letter may contain text, photos and copyrighted illustrations, video, audio, social media icons, but the main thing is to be able to put it all into an accessible design that is interesting to learn.

As you can see, with good results of email marketing you can be provided not only by expensive and “stuffed” with advanced technologies design. Knowing which messages your target audience will respond to and addressing them on a personal level, considering the information you have about them, is essential for the success of your campaigns.

It doesn’t matter if you develop your original design from scratch or use templates adopted in your field, first of all, ask yourself why people generally subscribe to your newsletter and use this understanding bringing people closer to your business. Even if, it means sending him just two lines of text.

About the author:

Melissa Cartew has been dealing with email marketing for a fair bit of time and is highly interested in it. She has read a lot of literature on this topic, so decided to share her experience with others. She is also aware of economy, mythology and travelling issues.

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7 Ways to Write a Good Template for your Email Marketing Campaign

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