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Four Common UI_UX Mistakes

You probably know that if you want to create a successful website with a high conversion rate, you need to employ User Interface and User Experience design elements. But too many sites make simple mistakes in their use of UI/UX. Here are four you should avoid.

Cluttered Layout

Visitors to websites hate clutter. If you think it’s best to provide every bit of information and a wide variety of visuals on every page of your website, you need to think again. The more cluttered your pages are, the more users will be turned off from engaging with them. With too many elements to digest on a page, you are competing for a user’s attention and are making it more difficult for the visitor to purchase your product or service, or create an action. A visitor’s journey should be meticulously focused on a single goal: conversion. If your website’s visitor misses something like a significant current discount, that’s one conversion less. Avoid cluttered layouts by incorporating a primary headline, a bold image, and whitespace between descriptions. Such attention to detail is necessary if you want to generate more traffic and conversions. So, it may be best to hire a professional UI/UX design agency – discover more here.

common ui ux mistakes

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Poor Navigation and Hierarchy

If your website lacks hierarchy, it can be confusing for a user. By organizing your pages and the content of each page into a logical order that best showcases your product or service, you will make it much easier to engage your website’s users. It’s also essential you make the navigation of your website as simple as possible. Place the menu where it can easily be seen. It’s best to have a menu across the top horizontally or on the left side as a sidebar.

Uninviting Call-to-action Buttons

Calls-to-action can be condensed into single buttons on your website. But too many sites overlook just how essential the elements of those buttons are. Buttons are there to be clicked. If you don’t use the right UI/UX design methods, you could put off users clicking on those all-important buttons. A call-to-action button needs to stand out from the background, so choose the color wisely. The design should be simple but effective, and the size of the button should be large enough to show up but small enough to feel inviting.

Unresponsive Design Across Different Devices

You could have the most attractive and engaging website in the world, but if it doesn’t work well on mobile devices and others, you’ve just lost a considerable amount of potential traffic. If customers can’t access the best features of your site on their small screens, they will soon leave. By ensuring you use UI/UX design techniques to make your website flexible across all screen resolutions and devices, you won’t lose any potential customers. In 2015, Google released an algorithm that helps to rank mobile-friendly websites higher in search engine results, so it’s now more important than ever to make sure you use responsive design across all devices.

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Four Common UI/UX Mistakes

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