What Is Call Tracking In 2019?

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What Is Call Tracking In 2019

We are living in an economically turbulent world and the cost of running a small or medium sized business is going up by the day. As an entrepreneur who does not have a lot of resources, this is the time to tighten the belt and make smart business decisions.

When you are running a small business, you need to have measurable marketing campaigns so that you can determine what is working and what is not. Call tracking is a great business practice that helps to leverage technology in order to measure consumer behavior through phone calls.

What Is Call Tracking?

Call tracking is a system that tracks, records and analyzes particular information from your incoming calls. This information varies from one software to another but generally, the information the call tracking system will collect includes; the number of calls you receive, the time the callers contacted you, the specific numbers that called your line, and the number of repeat callers. This information is very important since it will help you to understand your callers better and design marketing strategies that will work for your business. You can read more about call tracking on the Avidtrak website

In 2019, one of the business mistakes you should avoid is assuming that your website will drive all your sales. Research has shown that even though most of your potential customers will first begin their search on your landing page, they will still need to dial numbers.

Wondering how call tracking can benefit your business in 2019? Keep reading to find out more.

1. You, Will, Spend Money on Marketing Strategies That Work

One of the greatest benefits you will get from call tracking is information and knowledge. You will begin to understand which marketing campaigns are best suited for your business and which ones you should avoid. Remember, a billboard might be located on a busy highway but if nobody picks their phone and calls that business, the money invested in that advertisement will simply go down the drain. Call tracking will help you identify the right marketing campaigns that will help you streamline your efforts and avoid wasting precious resources.

2. Focus Your Marketing Efforts on Untapped Markets

If you want to successfully expand your small business, you must be aware of the untapped markets around you. With call tracking, you can successfully, recognize the unreached markets and focus on growing your business into these territories.

With a call tracking software, you will be able to determine the geographical location of your potential customers. This will help you determine if they are centered in dead zones and areas where your business does not operate. If you realize that most of your callers are from a specific area, you can focus your marketing efforts to reach these untapped markets.

3. Determine Your Return on Investment

As an entrepreneur, determining the rate of investment for your business is a key factor in the growth of your business. This is because your ROI reveals the marketing channels and tools that are working and are worth spending money on.

Call tracking will help you gather information about how all your different clients contribute to the company’s profits. Keyword call tracking especially can be very beneficial if you want to track which keywords are bringing more visitors to your website and generating more leads.

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