A business traveler in LA: What to consider

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A business traveler in LA What to consider

Traveling to Los Angeles on business can often make you feel like you’ve made it. Its brilliant sunshine, multi-million-dollar-making industries and roads lined with palm trees all have a star quality to them. It’s a great place to explore in between business meetings and dinners, as LA is home not just some of the best shopping boulevards in America, but also some of the most fascinating galleries and museums.

Keep a healthy budget

Depending on what industry you’re traveling in, you may be going out to visit some big spenders. Some people have even reported spending well over $1,000 on their business trip alone – and that was just for two days and two nights! This is partly down to the fact that you won’t just be in and out of business meetings all day, you may well be socializing and enjoying the vast wealth of restaurants that LA has to offer. You will also need to shell out on cabs and transport to and from your meetings.

In terms of hotels, it’s recommended that you browse the hotels available in downtown LA, as there’s said to be a generous variety. If it’s luxury you’re after, then Beverley Hills is your absolute go-to for premium quality, and being within arm’s reach of designer tailors and outlets. If your hotel is based near your company’s HQ, you may end up being eternally grateful. The traffic is known for being heavy and often congested. If you are booking cabs to meetings, be sure to call up and get an estimate of how long it will take in advance.

Explore LA’s cultural sites

If you’re travelling on business, it’s sometimes unavoidable to escape the mindset of working and networking. However, if you have the opportunity, it’s a good idea to see some of LA’s most infamous cultural museums and locations. The Getty Center is perhaps the biggest and is an astonishing building in its own right. They have almost every genre of art collection you could possibly imagine, with everything from Baroque to Renaissance and Neoclassical to photography exhibitions. On top of this, The Getty Center is also home to some of LA’s most beautiful gardens, which combine carefully curated plants and Roman architecture.

As well as museums, LA is also home to some beautiful cultural melting pots. Venice Beach is not just worth visiting for a seaside stroll, but also to see some of LA’s most exciting live performances and artistic murals. If you’d like to see more of LA but are worried about not having the time to explore, then booking Stratos Jets Charters to extend your visit on your own watch is a great choice to travel in comfort.

Travelling to Los Angeles for the first time as a business traveller can be incredibly exciting. Even if you’re only visiting for one client visit and a few meetings, you’ll inevitably feel as if you’ve joined the land of the rich and famous. It’s a great place to visit for leisure, so if you have time to explore, it’s recommended that you make the most of your time in this infamous city.

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