Taking Your Business Local Through Social Media

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Taking Your Business Local Through Social Media

Social media marketing is a must-have tool in your business arsenal, especially when you intend to venture into a new market in a foreign country. Here are some of the steps of localizing your social media.

How to Localize Social Media Campaigns

Localization via social media is a fantastic method of taking advantage of the immense power of social networks in targeting customers. This strategy assists you in targeting the right customers at the right time, as well as in the appropriate locale. Social media is arguably the most popular communication avenue, especially among the youth and a significant proportion of adults as well. People nowadays use it to find out about the latest trending topics, breaking news, jokes, entertainment, and many other purposes. More time now spent on social media comparing other forms of media.
For this reason, social networks can assist you in creating campaigns that are highly relevant and precisely targeted. In order to achieve the desired task, the advertisers create ads in local languages. To convert the message into the local languages, they get the services of both professional as well as a free translator who help them to launch their campaign to a specific target market. The following are some of the ways through which you can capitalize on the localization potential of social media.

Localize Your Web Pages

The first step of the process is localizing your web content. You need to customize your website to be in tandem with the style and preference of your target country. Likewise, your website must be modified to look as native as possible. In the process, it is necessary to establish a new domain for each language you are targeting and also make the website friendly to SEO practices. This will ensure that your website ranks top in all the countries you operate. There are numerous online services through which you can localize your website.

Create Localized Social Media Pages

For a business that is operating in various countries, it would be prudent to set up social media pages in each of these nations. The best places to kick start this activity are networks such as:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Instagram

Through them, you can find local search options that potential customers can utilize in accessing your profile. Likewise, it is important to have a different domain for every language upon setting up the local page. You can hire locals to undertake the updating of posts, images, and other content. After posting content, it can, after that be linked back to the mother language of your domain to bolster the local experience.

Speak in the Correct Language

Each localized page must be in the requisite language. For example, if your posts have been drafted in English, you should not link them back to your domain that has been set up in a different language. Facebook usually has an automated translation feature. However, it is very limited in its capabilities. As such, you are better off hiring professional translation services.

Targeted Posts

Among the simplest ways of ensuring that the messages within your marketing campaign reach the targeted audience, is through targeting your posts. This is a very effective method when you do not have localized web content. As such, you can reach the right people at the right time. To know which clients to target, you can follow up on product trends. This will assist you in knowing the prevailing tastes and preferences. Thus, you can effectively market the requisite products or services. If done properly, you are likely to enhance the click-through rate, and your brand reaches out to a bigger audience.

Undertake a Local Segmentation of Your Audience

This step builds on to your targeted posts. It tailors the posts you make on your various social media pages to your primary customers in each region. A website such as Facebook offers multiple layers of targeting tools that you can select from. This makes the process of segmentation extremely easy. After establishing your targeting mechanism, you can divide your audience into categories such as gender, age, relationship status, interests, occupation, and many other factors. Using such criteria will enable you to churn your local audience into sub-categories, then post targeted content towards each.

Influencer Geo-Targeting

This strategy has proven to be more successful on Twitter compared to Facebook. A social media influencer is an individual who initiates trending topics and can steer discussions towards a certain direction. Influencers usually have a very large following in their social media accounts. However, you should note that not everyone who has millions of followers is fit to be an influencer. There are also a lot of attention seekers out there.

You need to take your time in identifying the right local influencer. Follow up on their tweets in a particular language. Once you have identified one, get in touch with them to strike a promotion deal. However, you will have to negotiate some form of compensation in return for their tweets, hashtags, or blogposts.

Local Adverts

This strategy falls under a similar category to audience segmentation as well as the targeting of posts. Utilize the same filters you use while targeting your posts and segmenting your audiences into various categories. This will ensure that the right posts, products as well as pages are simultaneously broadcasted to the right people at the right time. In case you lack a physical store in a particular region, customers can be directed to an online shopping place that contains funded social media adverts.

Analysis and Optimization

Nowadays, there are numerous digital tools you can use to measure performance, the level of consumer interaction as well as the failures of efficiencies within a particular sector of your business. Always leverage on such information when undertaking localization of your social media business profile. If something is not performing optimally, you can use the data and statistics to tinker with the things that are not working to fix them accordingly.

Finally, continuously adapt and optimize your website to ensure that you are doing the right thing as per the market. Ingredients for success are crucial for every market.

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