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It may seem that in the world of promoting pages on social networks, not much has changed since the beginning of their existence – but in fact, even in promotion there are trends and anti-trends, knowing about which it will be much easier to start a page. For example, ten years ago people relied on mutual subscriptions – and it really worked; back then Internet users had time to read someone they didn’t know personally or in whom they were not that genuinely interested. Today, everything has changed a lot, and the method of mutual following has long been scrapped. In this article, we will analyze 3 tools that really work and help promote pages on Instagram.

  1. Reels. This is a new pearl of Instagram, a format that helps little known accounts become popular in days. The principle is the same as in TikTok – you upload a video, and if it is recommended to a sufficient number of people as relevant and interesting, a huge number of people will find out about you. Of course, the method works every other time and it may take quite a long time for some of your clips to become known, but it’s worth it. In addition, it is an excellent format that allows you to briefly show in detail you, your life and your products and services, if you came to Instagram to sell. 
  2. A chance to buy followers Instagram. This is a paid service from a third party that helps to increase the number of subs on your Instagram page. The only thing is that it will work positively only if you acquire real followers, and do not buy several hundred bots. The second option is most undesirable and can lead to bad consequences: in particular, your profile may end up in a shadow ban, since Instagram will consider it as fake as all the subs who subscribed to you. To protect yourself from such a situation, be sure to check what and from whom you purchase and if you see that the website does not say exactly what quality of services it provides, you’d better look for some other resource to acquire subscribers.
  3. Instagram’s internal advertising is the next thing that is as effective as the opportunity to buy Instagram followers. It is targeted, it can be configured both through IG itself and via Facebook (the first option is easier and faster). This advertisement can be quite expensive, everything will depend on its duration and on the number of users you want to reach with it. Anyway, it’s really worth it, but it’s worth setting it up only after you try the first two methods. Why? Because it is better for people who will come to you from this advertisement to see that someone is already interested in your profile – this will increase your chances of a large number of subscriptions and clicks on your advertisement.

Of course, no one and nothing will replace your involvement in the life of your profile, regular posting and interaction with subscribers – this always becomes the basis of any successful profile development. By the way, subscribers can not only improve your statistics, but also tell you what else interesting and entertaining you can come up with for your profile. Conduct regular surveys in stories, ask them to share their opinions in reactions to stories and in comments under posts – this way you will show that you do not care about your audience and that you are always ready for changes for the better.

If you thought that you could completely rely on the effectiveness of any of the promotion tools: we hasten to disappoint you, since this is not the case. Use them as support, but not as a foundation, and then positive changes will come to you in the shortest possible time. Never try to purchase as many paid services as you can and try to organize things so that they would look as natural as possible. Your success will depend on it a lot. 

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Social media promotion trends on Instagram: 3 things that work in 2022

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