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How to Boost Your Mac%u2019s Productivity for a Seamless Online Marketing Experience

Digital marketing is getting more competitive by the minute. Every marketer must be on their toes to stay on the game. The Global Digital Ad spend is expected to climb to a whopping $375 billion in 2021. With this kind of investment, all marketing tools must be in their optimum shape to achieve ROI in the shortest time possible.

Your trusted Mac is one of the tools that allow you to get your business out for the world to experience. The following tips will help you boost your computer’s productivity so you can focus on your marketing strategies.

1. Remove All Viruses

Learn how to get rid of a virus on your own. Yes, you read that right. An Apple computer still gets viruses or malware. It may be less susceptible than other Operating Systems, but software threats can still permeate the system, leaving you feeling helpless.

Several forms of malware can slow down your computer or worse, steal your data. Data that lands in the wrong hands may sabotage all your online marketing campaigns. On the other hand, viruses that show you advertising for things that have no value are a waste of your time and distract you from creative pursuits.

You will know if your Mac is already infected if it runs very slowly or it behaves unusually and erratically. Advertising on your desktop or the appearance of software tools that you did not install are also red flags.

Make sure to remove the viruses as soon as possible before the situation gets out of hand.

2. Organize Your Searches

Digital marketing entails extensive research and metrics analysis. You could be going to hundreds of sites a day or running tons of searches without your awareness. Don’t waste time repeatedly running searches from scratch. Mac OS allows you to save your searches using Smart Folders. These are virtual folders that regularly update search results.

By labelling and organizing your searches, you can access them from the sidebar with just one click. You can refer to them anytime you want without having to pore through hundreds of results. By having information at your fingertips, you can proceed to make that killer content or wickedly creative video.

3. Clean Your Computer

Cleaning may entail more than the usual dusting and wiping. No matter how squeaky clean your hardware is, if your software is loaded with unnecessary apps and data, your productivity will still suffer. You need to regularly clear up your hard drive from junk applications or programs known as bloatware. They usually take up precious hard drive space that slows down your computer’s performance. It takes away the resources meant for more essential marketing apps.

Use free bloatware cleaners that you can get online. By freeing up your hard drive, you will have more space for marketing tools that can help with your SEO and content creation.

4. Use Shortcuts

In the world of marketing, every second counts. You will be surprised at how a few delays can become one missed opportunity. There is a difference to your productivity if you learn to use some essential keyboard shortcuts. Apple has a full list that includes Cmd+W, used for closing a Finder window or a browser tab.

Amazingly, macOS allows you to create your own shortcuts or modify them according to your preference. You can get a personalized experience while maximizing what Mac has to offer.


Online marketing may be a challenging feat, but the rewards of having a successful campaign are priceless. Boosting your productivity saves you time and money, which are essential resources in any business.  By heeding these tips, you are well on your way to a productive and efficient digital marketing experience.

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How to Boost Your Mac’s Productivity for a Seamless Online Marketing Experience

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