6 Business Automation Tips for Busy People

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6 Business Automation Tips for Busy People

Business Automation is the use of technology to carry out tasks related to your business, most especially where these tasks used to be executed with manual effort. As a business owner, continual customer satisfaction and a constantly growing bank account are most coveted. Business Automation is an effective and straightforward way to help you achieve these goals.  

The process of Business Automation may seem like a lot of work, especially if you are very busy pursuing other techniques of advancing your business. In this article, you would find 6 Business Automation tips that will make the process faster and easier.

  1. Use Business Automation Tools for More Productivity

When you are running a business, it is common knowledge that there are several activities you must carry out if you want your business to run smoothly. The faster you do these, the more productive you are. Carrying out business-related tasks manually could be very time consuming and as a busy person, time is one thing you do not have in excess. Sometimes, 24hours in a day just doesn’t seem enough.

Business Automation Software (or tools) are necessary tools that have been designed to eliminate time wastage by automating manually done tasks. This in turn improves your productivity as well as that of your employees. The end benefit of this is that improved productivity includes satisfying customers thereby ensuring increased sales and ultimately, business growth. 

Some of these tools offer services that are necessary for marketing analysis, sales processes, and customer service which help to convert leads to sales. They significantly help to improve the marketing and sales process of your business. You can even find local marketing softwares and tools that help you automate virtually all aspects of your work. Other automation tools remove the stress that accompanies managing social media and advertising – another important aspect of a business. This helps to save time spent on manual, repetitive tasks to improve business efficiency. 

In general, business automation tools cut back on time spent in a very effective way. They are tools that should be harnessed for assured productivity always.

  1. Prioritize Important Tasks as You Automate

As easy as business automation makes your life, you can only do so much at a time. If not, complacency may thrive because you do not allocate enough attention to more important activities. This is where the need for prioritization arises. Your main prioritized tasks should be tasks you spend the most time on, and tasks that are a necessity for your business.

One of the most important tasks that you should automate and prioritize is your Social Media accounts. With business automation tools like HootSuite or Agorapulse, you can cut down the time spent on making manual Instagram posts. Many of these tools are also useful for your blogs and websites. Auto-posting helps to saves a lot of time. 

Another task to prioritize may be market research and website tracking. It is unnecessary to sit at the screen all day analyzing the market when automated tools like Google Analytics can get the job done for you. This is an important aspect of many modern-day businesses and should, therefore, be on top of the automation list. 

Also, tasks such as 24/7 customer support, swift email response, receipting, and invoicing may be near impossible. Instead, this may be on your list of tasks to prioritize to ease the flow of business and also give your business a more professional look as these activities are swiftly and accurately being carried out.

  1. Employ the Services of Robo Advisors

Robo Advisors are digital platforms that provide users with automated and algorithm-driven services to help them in financial planning. A Robo Advisor needs little to no human supervision. So, while you go about your other activities, your Robo Advisor has got you covered concerning your finances.

What a Robo Advisor does is to collect information about the financial situation you are in. They let you take an online survey, as their client, to understand your future goals. The data collected would then be used to offer you advice on how to plan and achieve these goals.  

Essentially, a Robo Advisor does the job of a wealth manager or an investment advisor. Your Robo Advisor makes use of algorithms and the information you inputted as you signed up to spread your money into the appropriate investments. They also make adjustments as your business situation or the market changes.

If your business is missing a financial manager, then this automated tool is useful for you. It helps you to keep your finances in check while you attend to other pressing matters. The best thing about this tool is that they are much cheaper than a human wealth manager so you get to save a lot of money.

  1. Automate Your Marketing Tasks

One of the essential elements of a business is marketing. Marketing entails engaging in different tasks, and only the appropriate execution of these tasks determine whether your business will be successful or not. Marketing automation software steps in to take the enormous burden off you and assist you with the rigorous task of marketing.

Marketing automation software is tasked with the responsibility of automating your marketing activities, streamlining your marketing workflows, and measuring the various outcomes of your marketing campaigns. This software helps marketers to generate segmented, personalized, and even timely marketing experiences for your old and prospective customers. This is done by providing a central marketing database for all information and interactions related to marketing.

If you find it difficult to keep in touch with your target customers, marketing automation can help your business target them with automated messages. This could be through emails, texts, or social media marketing. Automating your marketing tasks boosts your work speed and makes your business more efficient while delivering a more personalized experience for your customers.

  1. Remain Focused on Your Vision

Every company or business is founded on major goals and a vision that they seek to achieve. This vision is what you run with as you make decisions concerning your business. As you choose your business automation strategy, refer to the business roadmap you created at the beginning and walk in line with the goals outlined there. Most people get distracted by the ease of the automation process that they forget the original vision they had for their business.

When you have clearly defined goals or visions about your business, your automation process would go a lot faster, thereby earning you a lot of saved time. Your company vision can guide you as you decide on what parts of your business you wish to automate. You must not lose sight of your vision, instead, always go back to the drawing board to strategize and make improvements frequently. 

Whichever part of your business you automate, it has to serve both your short-term and your long-term goals. If it does not, then it might not be worth it in the end, defeating the purpose of going automated in the first place. So, plain and simple: run with your vision as you go through your business automation process.

  1. Carry Your Team Along 

Change and adapting to change is difficult. It doesn’t matter that you have chosen to automate certain tasks in the business. If you’re working with a set of employees the right thing to do is to carry them along. Your team should be involved in the automation processes adopted by your business; before and after the processes kick off. This would help the transition to be seamless.

Discuss with members of your team, ask for their input. Liaise with team members previously assigned to those tasks, ask their opinion as you make the decision of what would be the best automation tools to make their work easier. These people have a closer interaction with these tasks and because of this, they have a clearer idea of which business automation tool may be best.

Help your team to adopt and adapt to the new automated processes. This may include necessary training or teaching about complex automation processes if there is a need for this. It could also include upgrading their work environment to accommodate the new changes. It may also mean letting go of redundant members of staff and bringing in more essential employees. The level of adoption and adaptability to the changes by your team determines its overall success. 


Business Automation comes with several benefits which include minimizing the costs spent on your business, increasing efficiency in the execution of your business, and even streamlining the processes previously employed in your business. It comes in handy when hiring employees, managing your employees, managing purchase orders, and others. Without proper Business Automation issues such as misplaced documents, errors in delivering goods and services, customer dissatisfaction, etc, could come up. As a busy person, employing these tips would help you automate your business without the outrageously extended procedures usually involved. 

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