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The rise of People Also Ask (PPA): Answering questions is increasingly becoming a dominant way to search results. With quality answers that are in plain language, they can get in Google’s answer box as well as People Also Ask. PAA, which is a search engine result page feature, has been on Google for some time, so you need to understand how to use it. This article discusses the best techniques to use PAA in your SEO strategy. 

The popularity of related questions

The most noticeable attempt to offer the right answer to queries was perhaps the answer box. However, this option only gave you one answer. So Google started to correct this with the introduction of a PAA snippet that allows variations in answers to the questions and for searchers to find related queries. 

The good news is that PAA is dominating SERPs and has perhaps now become a favorite for many searchers. When you search on Google, you will see a box for PAA for both mobile and desktop. 

But you need to create high-quality content that gives clear answers to questions about your service or topic. This means that you should answer questions in plain language and they should be short. It’s worth noting that this is not where you try to push a sales message. 

Understanding the PAA

No doubt, SERPs have changed significantly over a couple of years. Elements like local packs, snippets, and People Also Ask are dominating the SEO world. PAA can have a considerable impact on your SERPs, making it important to learn how to win in people also ask SERPs

You can gain a lot of exposure in search by using PAA. After all, SEO aims to expose your business, products, or services to your potential customers. Therefore, being featured as an answer to PAA questions is a great opportunity to go ahead of the competition and catch the interest of your target market. 

Hence, a PAA box which is a SERP feature has sets of questions associated with the original query. There is a good chance that you may have come across one of them in search results before. 

Once a user clicks a question, a box expands to show a text snippet that has a short answer to the question. It also displays the URL for the source text as well as a shortcut link that you can perform another Google search for the same question.

Initially, a PAA box has a set of four questions, and with each click on a question, the PAA box gets two or three extra questions. In this way, PAA boxes keep on expanding and new questions continue to be added to the box.

Ever since the launch of PAA in search results, there has been a significant increase in the number of SERPs that have these results. As you can see, this is a great opportunity for businesses to improve their visibility in search results. Keep in mind that the frequency of PAA results has also increased considerably compared to many other SERP features in the past few years.

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What you need to know about People Also Ask (PAA)

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