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Tips and tricks for buying an Instagram Account(1)

Has this ever occurred to you that you can buy an existing Instagram account instead of creating a new one?

instagram account

In this post, I’ll let you know how to acquire an Instagram account and customize it as you want.

Why buying Instagram accounts?

Instagram is one of the largest social networks in the world and over 1 billion people are using it at least once a month.

Apart from the number of users, the engagement rates on Instagram are usually higher than those on other platforms like Facebook.

That’s why having more followers on Instagram has become an important factor among social media users.

Of course, gaining organic followers on Instagram would be difficult and time-sucking, especially for beginners. Subsequently, many newcomers try to buy an existing Instagram account instead of creating a new one.

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This can save them time and enhance their audience reach. However, trading accounts is against Instagram’s terms of service.

People would need to buy social media accounts for two main reasons: business or personal use.

When someone purchases Instagram accounts for personal use, they should change the account’s photo, displayed name, and description immediately.

Then according to its number of followers and previous niche, start to post their interesting content. This is a good choice when people are into increasing the number of their followers and their shared items’ reach.

The second reason is buying an account for business use. The buyers are going to reset the business profile with all their own personal information. Therefore, they can display their products or services to more people who are interested in it.

However, if you have any intention of buying an Instagram for personal or business use, these tips will be helpful to you.

How to buy Instagram accounts

There are two main ways to buy an Instagram account:

  1. Contacting sellers directly
  2. Using middleman sites

In the first way, you can search through online forums to find a good fit for your purpose and contact the owner directly.

Of course, you need to double-check everything because the possibility of defrauds is really high in such deals. Try to determine all terms of the deal in detail including:

  • Identity of both parties
  • Date and time of delivery
  • Description the account
  • Payment method

Although the risk is a bit high in such deals, the price might be lower than using middleman sites.

When you want to find an Instagram account related to your niche fast and buy it safely, you’d better approach middleman sites.

They might sort social media accounts in terms of followers, niche, platform, and location. This makes it easy for you to find an Instagram account for sales and buy it.

Buying Instagram accounts using sites like Social Tradia

If you want to know how you can buy an Instagram account in a secure way, it’s good to read the following paragraphs.

buying instagram account

Step 1.      Choosing an account

Browse Social Tradia, search for purchasing an Instagram account, and then complete the inquiry form. Every account on this site has been bought directly from the original proprietor and is covered by a lifetime guarantee. Therefore, you can shop with trust.

Step 2.      Processing the payment

Once you choose your intended account, you’re forwarded to the payment page. Now add your selected account to your cart and press checkout. You can do shopping with all the big credit cards, PayPal, and most Cryptocurrencies on this site.

Step 3.      Delivering the account

When you buy an Instagram account, the customer service unit will deliver the account to your submitted email address within short minutes.

The operation time is from 8 am to midnight. If your order submits out of these hours, it will be sent on the following day in the morning.

Step 4.      Receiving the account credentials

You will be provided with full account credentials that include: Username & Password – Access to the registered email.

Step 5.      Customize your account

It is time to enjoy your new Instagram account in your desired topic and intended number of followers!

How much can Instagram page cost you

The business of purchasing Instagram pages is not common and essentially done on the black market. It shows that there is no special place to do it and there is no single agency to monitor these sales, so the page owners can issue whatever price they want.

However, based on our observation it can be something from $15 to $20 per 1000 followers for an active Instagram page.

How to make your purchased page secured

As well as the above-mentioned items, there are other aspects highly significantly related to the security issues of buying Instagram pages. Formally, it is illegal to purchase and sell Instagram accounts.

For this reason, Instagram always asks the owners to sign in with an email address to their account, then a verification code sent to the user whenever he or she confirms their identity.

Therefore, be alert to change the previously submitted email address immediately to prevent the previous owner fraud you based on Instagram security rules.

Since the seller can get it back easily by contacting Instagram security. As you know this is an illegal action, so you will not have any right to claim its ownership.

Here are the noticeable tips that help you if you are still interested to buy an Instagram account:

  1. Buy an Instagram page that is active in your desired field.
  2. Inspect quality of the page in advance
  3. Find truthful websites
  4. To get assured, buy an Instagram page through a solid contract

Inevitably, please consider that these types of shopping can be always on risk. Also, it is usually probable that even the most legitimate and successful Instagram account will not work efficiently unless you have a smart marketing plan and growth strategy.

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Tips and tricks for buying an Instagram Account

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