1. Extended Snippets

Working with micro-markup and advanced snippets is important for the site. Especially if the site on a number of traffic requests to be at the top.

What is worth paying attention to:

  • Rating
  • Price
  • Picture
  • Description text

These are the most common moments that can quickly give a return in the form of increased traffic to the site from the search results.

A plan for testing and implementation:

A) Take from Google Analytics traffic pages

B) Changing snippets for them

C) See the number of transitions from the search

D) Conclude, test and test

Not always when you change your snippets, there will be an increase in attendance. Often you can see a negative picture. The main helper is testing and time.

Usually, new snippets will be displayed 1-3 days after the introduction in the search engine Google.

2. Fast turnaround

If you already have content pages on the site, you can help increase traffic quickly. Namely, updating the content or pages.

What you can update:

A) Content in the article

If you have updated the text, you can also specify it for the search bot.

This can be found in a number of resources. Basically, where large articles that generate normal search traffic.

At least this:

  • shows for users that the information is relevant
  • tells the search engine that the content has been updated

If you do a quick turnaround all the time, you can get an order of magnitude more traffic than usual.

B) Comments

If you have an online store, or a page, or the same article. That update can be done with the help of fresh comments, which will also help bots search engines better rank the content.

C) The essence of the relevance

One of the important ranking factors in both Yandex and Google is relevance.

Relevance depends on the date. In fact, you can simply change the date of the post, help it to be indexed and there will be a significant influx of traffic.

We can not tell many chips in the public, but here is an example:

There is an entertainment site. To constantly maintain content in the top of Google once every 1-3 days:

  • The old URL is removed
  • the content is transferred to the new URL
  • the old URL to redirect to a new

As a result, the site is always in the top of the most actual requests and generates an order of magnitude more traffic.

3. Speed of loading

The loading speed of the site really affects the position and growth of traffic. What you need to work on:

  • The server and its capabilities
  • content compression, which delays the work
  • load optimization

The simplest example:

If you have a site with large traffic, for example, more than 100,000 visitors per day. That’s okay:

  • Make a separate subdomain for pictures
  • video separate server
  • and so on

The end result is a noticeable change.

In the case of heavily loaded sites, the servers should not be saved. It is better to initially lay the groundwork for optimizing the speed of loading and optimizing the load of the project. In addition, you can find an extension at Mageworx store.

In fact, it is important:

  • optimize HTML code
  • pictures
  • server operations
  • Use of JavaScript and CSS

In conclusion…

These are the main small chips, which with normal implementation can give noticeable results in the form of growth of search traffic to the site.

The main thing is to test and watch what can work exactly for your resource.

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