How To Look For A Temp To Hire Job

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How To Look For A Temp To Hire Job

A temp to hire job offers temporary work for job seekers, with the possibility of full-time employment. The difference between this work setup versus a part-time position is that temp to hire employees have the possibility of becoming full-time staff. Although a full-time position may not be a guarantee, a temp to hire job may still offer other benefits for both employer and employee.


Check out these tips that will help you land the ideal temp to hire job.


Know the Pros and Cons of Being a Temporary Employee

It might be best to expect the positive and negative scenarios that may come if you become a temp to hire employee. The thought of being a part-time staff with the possibility of becoming a full-time employee has its opportunities and risks. Optimism can help you in dealing with different tasks from your temp to hire job. But it’s also important to know the nature of the company of your employer.


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Where to Look for Temp to Hire Jobs


  1. Online Job Classified Ads


Different people find various job offers interesting. You may find several temporary-to-permanent opportunities in online job classified ads.


A quick online search can lead you to Internet forums where companies look for employees who are willing to cater to specific job positions. Find businesses looking for part-time talents, but also have an interest in hiring these individuals to become permanent employees in the long run.


Specific online job sites may also allow employers to post employment offers with particular details about individual opportunities. Here, businesses may specify information about the skill set they’re looking for and the tasks that need completion. These firms may actively continue searching for new temporary-to-permanent employees, or they can wait for the applications to arrive in their email inbox.


Many employers are always on the lookout for potential temp to hire candidates in these online portals. Various companies know that they’ll gain benefits when they use the services of temporary personnel.


These advantages may help the company:


  • Reduce the time and cost of the application process
  • Gain a broad reach for potential employees
  • Filter targets using built-in tools
  • Use confidentiality and security agreements
  • Get the company known by word-of-mouth


  1. Social Media


Technology provided people with the ability to connect with other individuals through social media. Social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter help people share their interests while communicating with friends and relatives.


In the same way, businesses may use social media to their advantage to gain new applicants and hires. You can start your search for temp to hire jobs by accessing particular social media groups. Many organizations access these portals in search of potential talents. Also, social networks help companies by offering excellent opportunities to spread the word about their job offers. A few steps of the posting process may also be similar to creating a job offer in online classified ads.


Consider applying for firms with a straightforward hiring process. For instance, the company may let you send an application through Facebook Messenger app. Organizations that are flexible with the hiring process may mean that they are open to negotiations about the job offer.


Furthermore, make sure to take note of the company’s contact information. Read the job post on the social media site to ensure you don’t overlook any details. Many employers like to hire temporary-to-permanent employees that can follow the instructions from the start.


  1. Job Fairs

Local colleges and universities might have job fairs. These events help graduating students prepare for their future as part of the workforce.


If you’re a student of one of these educational institutions, consider visiting these job fairs when they arrive in your school. On the other hand, if you’re not part of that particular college or university, you might still get a chance to join the job hiring caravan. Ask around if the school allows outsiders to enter the premises for the event.


If you visit a job fair, don’t forget to bring all the necessary documents when you apply to different companies. Organizations that are looking for temp to hire employees might require various materials for the hiring process. For example, one company might only need your resume or CV. Or another firm might require you to submit other requirements like identification cards.


While you’re in school job fairs, consider adjusting your expectations when grabbing temp to hire job opportunities. Temporary job positions may make companies pass seemingly small tasks to you, like creating shareable posts on social media. These duties might seem trivial, but they actually play a significant part of the company’s grand scheme. Try to be optimistic about the job position. Think of yourself as a small cog that works in a giant machine. Your responsibilities might seem menial, but the entire apparatus may not work without your contribution.


  1. Application Portals


There might be instances when you can’t walk into a company’s physical location to pass your resume. Perhaps a current full-time job is keeping you from going to the office of the firm that’s looking for temp to hire employees.


If so, search for businesses with flexible and various application portals. Aim for passing your job applications through specific means like email and social media messages. Additionally, you may express interest by calling the company to tell the business about your desire to become a temporary-to-permanent staff member. An organization that provides a convenient application process may pose flexible options for new hires.


Still, consider sending your job applications during regular business hours. Show that you’re a good employee by following instructions from the start. Sending resumes during business hours may also help the company read your application quicker than others. Conversely, if you send a resume after business hours, then your application might get buried by other requests. So the human resource (HR) staff might not view your resume as quickly as intended.


If a business operates 24 hours a day, you might not face challenges when sending your resume at any time of the day or night. You might be busy with other daily tasks, which might hinder you from sending job applications during regular business hours. A company with a 24-hour recruitment staff might prove beneficial for you as a temp to hire candidate.


Look Outside the Box


Perhaps you might think that the best way to search for companies looking for temp to hire employees is to head to a business’ physical location. However, you might see job offers outside the walls of these companies.


Specific organizations might collaborate with other businesses in hopes of gaining new employees. For example, you might see an ad for a social media marketer position in a restaurant. Collaboration may help firms expand their networks. The move may also help organizations gain a broader reach in the search for new talents.


Don’t hesitate to look in different places for advertisements for temp to hire job offers. The best job offers may be posted in places you might have overlooked at first.


How to Choose a Temp to Hire Job


  1. Search for Job Offers with Benefits


Search for a job that can satisfy your needs, which include your well-being and career aspirations. Work that pays well but keeps you unsatisfied might not be an ideal option. Aim for becoming an employee that can be happy while doing your tasks. As a result, you can continue enjoying your work and being a productive employee for the benefit of the company.


As a soon-to-be temp to hire employee, consider becoming associated with organizations that offer the most benefits. Even if the salary might not be as high as you wanted it to be, the firm might compensate for your services with other incentives.


These advantages may include:


  • Free meals
  • Discounts on local gyms
  • 401k matching
  • Insurance plans
  • Performance bonuses
  • Paid vacation leaves


You will find it highly satisfying to work with companies that know how to take care of their employees. Check a business’ social media page or job posting to find out what benefits they offer. Specific organizations may post regular updates on their social media pages to entice interested applicants to send their resumes.


  1. Check Employee Reviews on a Specific Company


Bad company reviews can travel fast, but so do good feedback from employees. Existing employees from companies might spread the good news about their firms and how they treat their staff.


Businesses might have stressful situations, but a positive work culture can create an optimistic and resilient mindset. Consider these companies when you’re out looking for a temp to hire job position. Working with pleasant and professional people can help you to be more productive than you thought you could be.


  1. Prepare Well for the Job Interview


First, you can try practicing in front of a mirror; talk to yourself to check your demeanor and tone when talking to a potential employer. Another option is to ask a friend or relative to act as an interviewer for an upcoming job interview, while you practice answering common job interview questions. Prepare yourself for potential scenarios that may arise when applying temp to hire job offers.


  1. Ask the Right Questions


You can know more about an individual when you ask the right questions. In the same way, you may ask specific questions to your future employers about the temp to hire job position.

Consider asking these questions to your interviewer:


  • What responsibilities does the company need to fill?
  • What does the company expect from me during the first 30 days?
  • What qualities would help an employee succeed in this position?
  • What is the work culture like?
  • What is a typical career path of a temp to hire employee in this organization?


Remember to ask only relevant questions during the job interview. If you have extra time, you can bring up other inquiries to see if your future employer is comfortable working with you.


Great communication and rapport play a vital role in many organizations. Employees in an organization need to communicate well with each other to help ensure the business runs like a well-oiled machine. Thus, consider asking your interviewer about how different teams work together.  Problematic work relationships may lead to unfinished tasks. Hence, it might be a wise decision to join a company where communication isn’t a problem.


  1. Avoid Overwhelming Offers


Many job applicants back out of an employment deal because the tasks presented to them from the start seem too much to handle. You might be an individual searching for jobs fit for their qualification and ideal salary.


Search for organizations looking to hire more than one temporary-to-permanent staff member. Some companies might overwhelm a temp to hire employee with several duties that may not be proportional to the salary.


Take into consideration the weight of the tasks that will be handed to you by your future employer. Remember: minimum wage may be sufficient for staff members handling easy-to-medium tasks. But consider asking for a higher pay if you’ll be handling major or more significant functions for the company.


Become the Ideal Employee


Specific individuals might think that being in a temporary position at a company is nothing more than a part-time deal. Thus, these people might work with an uninterested mindset.


Know that this attitude isn’t ideal for many companies. Become the model employee in the eyes of your employer, regardless of the temp to hire job position you land. As a hired talent, you need to work hard for a possible advancement in your employment terms. Remember that you may be a temp employee now, but you could land a permanent position in the company someday.


With a dedicated mindset, you should aspire to become a model employee for the company. Aim to gain qualities, such as:


  • Enthusiasm and passion in doing assigned tasks
  • Diligence to complete assignments on or before deadlines
  • Ability to learn fast and apply new skills
  • Collaboration
  • Drive to succeed


Your personality and other traits can leave an impression on your employer during the initial interview. Aim to make a good impression from job interview to employment to help increase your chances of succeeding in the position you desire.


Above all, make sure to maintain a dedicated mindset when you get hired as a temp to hire employee. Many companies value passion as an essential trait of employees. Show managers that you’re up to the job, and you might see yourself as a permanent hire sooner than expected.

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