6 Ways To Ensure Successful Redesigning Of A Website

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6 Ways To Ensure Successful Website Redesign-min

Do you know that a poor web design can hurt your bottom line? It can affect your ROI and increase your bounce rate. Yes, that’s true.

An unattractive website needs a complete makeover to reenter the competitive business world.

No matter whether you are an established organization or a startup, if you want to redesign your website, you must follow a strategic approach. That said, let’s look at a few web design tricks you can implement to boost your traffic and sales.

Identify What’s Working And What’s Not

You don’t have to revamp the website completely. Some aspects of your site may be performing better than the others. So start by looking at your current website and critically examine what has worked and what did not. If you need help with the same, consult experts of web design in Frederick, MD.

Create A List Of Required Changes

Once you have rectified the mistakes with the current web design, create a list that covers up all the changes you want to make. Pen down all the features you want to remove, and the new ones that you want to add.

Question yourself! Do you want to change the theme or the layout of the site? Are you interested in creating new webpages? When you think about everything that makes a good website, you will know what design changes are to be made.

Define Goals

A website redesign requires careful planning, in-depth testing, and successful execution. It doesn’t necessarily have to change the overall look of your website. It should simply be able to improve the dwell time, enhance sales, and get you a better return on investment.

That said, you must establish short and long term goals so that you can achieve specific results with your project. Each item on your desired changes list should have a purpose.

The last thing you will want is your site’s traffic to suffer after the redesign. So before you go ahead with making the changes, study the data, and define the need to revamp.

Match Users Intent

As you keep updating your products/ services, your target audience may also evolve with time. To cater to their needs, you must adopt tricks and techniques to reach out to them.

If you are targeting audiences from different age groups, create buyer personas, and make changes accordingly. If you are focusing on Millennials, you have to make sure your web design is colorful and attractive to entice them.

Furthermore, ensure that your website is easy to navigate. Whenever visitors come to the site, they should be able to complete their search and find the information they are looking for. If you want to convert those site visitors into paying clients, you have to offer them a phenomenal user experience.

Usability Testing

Take each step of the website redesign slowly. Have your visitors test the site after every change, and take their reaction into account. Take your time to make sure the investment was worth it.

Usability testing will not only increase your site visitors but decrease your bounce rate, and enhance your conversion rate.


SEO can make or break your brand. Therefore, when redesigning, you have to research about frequently searched keywords, what’s trending in your industry, and optimize your content and web pages. Also, you have to work towards improving your page loading speed. If you cannot do the SEO part on your own, hire the services of a Maryland SEO company.

When you are already investing your time and money in revamping your website, you might as well put in more money seeking help from the professionals. We bet you will want to do it the right way.

Final Thoughts

When done correctly, revamping a website can boost sales and increase your ranking in the SERPs.

Research thoroughly. Perform competitor analysis. Use Mockups. And then begin rebuilding your site, step by step.

While enhancing the conversion rate is the primary goal of a website redesign, improving the user experience is definitely a plus!

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