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By now, it is abundantly clear that the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the world forever. It has radically changed everything in our lives and we have turned to the online for help to connect to our old lives. As we have adapted so many things from the old normal to fit on our phones and laptops, we have created a digital new normal. And the king of this new normal is social media. While it may have been an important part of our lives before as well, now it is the place where we interact with friends, family, celebrities, brands, and most of everything else. To be prepared for the challenges brought on by social media marketing in the new normal, here are the essential 8 trends to follow in 2020:

Take the Time to Set up Shop on Niche Social Platforms

Social media is vast and it is changing at an enormous speed. With so many channels to choose from, the trend might put one on top of the list today and throw it away entirely tomorrow. Just look at TikTok that ruled the online for months and that now risks being banned in the U.S. To make sure that you stay safe from such traffic fluctuations, you have to set up campaigns wherever your target audience is. That means that you have to be on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, but also on smaller niche platforms like WeChat, QQ, Douban, WhatsApp. This way, not only do you extend your market reach, but you are ready for heavy migrations. Where are TikTok fans going to go if their favorite platform won’t be available? Your Instagram campaign would better be up to date to keep up.

All Eyes on Social Commerce

To make it in social media marketing in 2020, you need to have a steady theoretical base because there is no room for half-guessing yourself. You can even take social media marketing online classes to make sure you’ve covered the full range of knowledge that will enable you to stay ahead of the game. For instance, you have to be flawlessly prepared to meet the many requirements of social commerce in 2020 because that is one marketplace that has exploded. The new normal has moved onto social media, which means that purchase leads that generate from social media have already covered customer engagement, which makes these far likelier to convert. So you have to be prepared for social commerce as best as possible.

Real Content Gets Real Attention

2020 is the year that has made us feel vulnerable, so we all crave for real engagement. We need to buy things, but we no longer have the patience or interest in classic marketing. In 2020, people want real content from real people. They want to see their favorite movie stars and singers at home in their PJ’s, just like they are because we are all going through the same thing. What that means for social media is that there is a huge request for raw and real content, for real feelings, for real engagement. Give that to your audience and they will connect with you!

Influencer Marketing is Bigger than Ever

With the whole world stranded at home, people are not out there roaming the streets, riding the subway, going to work. That means that billboards and most of the other physical marketing campaigns are dead in 2020 because there is almost nobody there to see them. But while the reach of these marketing branches has plummeted, there is one branch that has sky-rocketed this year. That is influencer marketing, which is now more powerful than it has ever been. People want to connect with those they ardently like and follow, and with this spiked interest comes an even bigger engagement rate with what these influencers are promoting.

Personalization is Key for Market Reach

Everybody feels exposed during the pandemic, so everybody wants to be taken care of. People want brands and companies to care about them. And the best way to show that to the audience is by personalizing all communications. In 2020, people will no longer tolerate being treated like numbers. They expect personalization in their interactions with companies and, most importantly, they will go to the competition if these expectations are not met. So focus your social media marketing strategy on personalization this year to gain ground and retain customers. Go the extra mile to show them you care and you will gain more followers than ever!

These are the essential 5 social media marketing trends that can help you make it in the new normal! Expand your campaigns to reach your audience on all the platforms they may be. Aim towards well-crafted campaigns, but be real in your approach, and bring your channel closer to your audience by making it personal! Good luck!

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5 Social Media Trends to Follow in the New Normal

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