Why SEO Copywriting is Important for Your Website and How to Implement it?

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Why SEO Copywriting is Important for Your Website and How to Implement it

Talk of SEO and the factors that affect it won’t end.

Google says there’s a whole bunch of them. In fact, 200 in total. And the sad part is they all matter. Just that some matter more and some tertiarily affect rankings. 

Thankfully, we can start off with the major factors first and that’ll solve half the SEO concerns. And one such major factor is copywriting.

Highly affecting search rankings of web pages, SEO copywriting is crucial for any website looking forward to improving search rankings.

But the questions are, how does it affect rankings and how to implement it?

Well, in this post, you’ll find answers to that.

Why SEO Copywriting is Important?

First of all, here’s an answer to ‘what is SEO copywriting?’

“SEO copywriting is all about creating useful, compelling and valuable content that targets specific keywords so that other people will gladly promote it on social media platforms.”

– Neil Patel

And why’s it important? Here’s a bunch of reasons.

1. Boosts Search Rankings

The first reason as we’ve been talking of since the beginning of this post, SEO copywriting is useful for boosting search rankings; right as Google’s list of ranking factors says.

2. Saves a Fine Deal of Money

As SEO copywriting helps your web pages rank better in the SERPs, it certainly saves you a fine deal of money that you might have to otherwise spend on paid search ads.

PPC is effective, but SEO is more effective and cheaper too.

3. Keeps the Competition Alive

The idea of finding a golden niche where you can monopolize your business may be attractive. However, healthy competition always helps grow better.

Working on your website’s SEO and using SEO copywriting for the same will keep you alive in the competition and hence, your organization will keep thriving.

But, How to Implement It?

The next question after knowing why SEO copywriting is important: how to implement it?

Well, here’s what you need to do.

1. Find the Right Keywords

The first thing you need to do in order to make use of SEO copywriting is finding the right keywords.

Every web page that you want in the SERPs must have a primary keyword. This keyword must be decided based on the search volume and the intent,

For example, the keyword “google search operators” has a total of 5.4K monthly searches in the US. Makes it a good bet for a website with a relevant audience.

Find your keywords the same way and you’ll be good to move to the next step.

2. Find a Catchy Angle and Then Write

The next thing that the best Greenville SEO agencies do is finding a unique angle to create content around.

What this does is enable their content to stand out from the crowd. Catchy pieces attract attention and hence enjoy more eyeballs scrolling down on them.

Also, keep in mind that at times it may just be totally impossible to be able to write something that’s 100% unique. In cases like these, it’s better to accept and move on.

3. Write a Killer Intro

Remember how any classic Hollywood action hero would make a stunning entry into the film?

Well, that’s just how an introduction should be. Totally captivating. Totally spot on. And as intriguing as it possibly can get.

So, write. Read. Re-write. Re-read. Repeat. And keep doing this until you get the best introduction of your life; everytime.

4. Include Keywords but Not to Stuff

This one comes as obvious. It’s crucial to add keywords, related keywords, and LSI keywords. However, usage must be limited and wise.

So, make sure you use the right keywords but also make sure, you don’t keyword stuff your web pages.

Top search engines despise web pages with keywords stuffed into them.

Final words

SEO copywriting is an art less-mastered. Not that it’s rocket science, but, a number of “SEOs” make this common mistake of neglecting it. As a result of this, they lose in the longer run.

In this post, we tried to talk about why SEO copywriting is important and how marketing companies in Greenville SC implement it.

Hopefully, this was useful.

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