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SEO is a never-ending process for most businesses, with new nuances and changes that can affect your site’s ranking. As an experienced SEO professional, I’ve learned to stay on top of changes in order to do my job most effectively. But some mistakes give me more pause than others. Here are some mistakes I try to avoid at all costs when building an SEO campaign.

Mistakes to avoid when indulging in SEO

Not hiring a reputed SEO company

One of the most common mistakes most people make is that they end up hiring an SEO company which is not reputed. The best approach is to get hold of the best SEO service in Australia. Consider opting for Impressive Digital Australia – SEO Sydney.

Mislabeling your blog posts 

Mislabeling can happen for a variety of reasons. You might mislabel your post when you’re trying to add categories or tags, or you might accidentally click the wrong label. Either way, it can decrease the chances of people finding your content when they search for certain keywords on Google. To fix this problem, go through all of your old blog posts and make sure the labels are correct. If you’re not sure how to fix mislabeled tags, contact a professional SEO company like Digital Marketing Depot.

Not using Social Media 

This is one of the biggest mistakes that businesses make when trying to rank higher on Google. It’s important to use social media because it helps drive traffic back.

Keyword stuffing

This refers to using keywords in places where they don’t make sense or aren’t appropriate. Google will penalize you for doing this because it looks like you’re trying to manipulate the algorithm – which is against their terms of service. For example, if your website about flowers suddenly has multiple instances of the phrase “flower shop” in it, Google will know something is up and they’ll drop your rankings accordingly.


This is similar to keyword stuffing, but instead of just putting keywords in places they don’t normally go, this is when you change your content too much based around keywords. When people write naturally, they don’t include their keywords every few sentences.

Rewriting old content to improve your keyword rankings is a common mistake that many people still make. Content that you wrote years ago may get more search engine traffic, but it will not convert or produce any leads for you because those visitors are looking for new and fresh content. And when Google sees hundreds of rewritten pages from the same website, they will know and will penalize that poor quality site in the SERPs.

What is crucial is that you need to improvise your SEO strategy with every passing day to get the desired results when it comes to the SEO.

There are many SEO mistakes that you can make, but it is possible to recover from these blunders if you recognize them. If you are serious about doing SEO correctly, then make sure you avoid the mistakes discussed here.

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SEO Blunders to avoid by all means

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