How to Guest Post For Success

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How to Guest Post For Success

You already know that to guest post for success is an effective way of generating links and growth for your website.

While there are countless pieces of content online about the importance of guest posting, most new bloggers still need to know how they can get started.

Have you ever wondered why you have never successfully landed a guest post?

Even if you landed a guest post, why have you not done so on an authority blog?

There are countless reasons for it, but this article will offer you everything you need to overcome any fears and other obstacles you may be facing.

Step 1: Where do you want to guest post?

guest post for success

Pick the right blog to guest post on. It’s wise to do your own research and ensure that the guest posting activity is worth your time and can help your business grow.

Here are tips to help you choose the right blog for guest posting.

  • Pick a popular blog
  • Ensure it targets the right audience that aligns with what you do
  • The blog should have a good reach and traffic to their site

Before you send pitch email to any website to submit a guest post, it’s wise to perform research to learn their audience needs.

Blogger Outreach specialists at leading Manchester SEO agency Caffeinated Projects say you should check the existing articles on the website and find a gap you can fill with original content. With that, you will have a better chance of being allowed to guest post.

Step 2: Build rapport

If you intend to reach out to a blogger out of the blue to request him or her to allow you post something on their blog, your chances of success are lower than if the blogger knows who you are.

Once you spot a great blog where you can publish a guest post, spend time letting the blogger know who you are and that you admire their work.

Consider following the blog on social media, and comment on their photos and other posts. It’s also advisable to start a conversation with them and with time, you could become partners.

This way, once you reach out to collaborate with such a blogger, he or she will be interested in working with you.

Step 3: Send a pitch email

Send an email to your influencer and inform them how they have helped you. Outreach Manager at PBNPilot a leading hosting management platform says you should avoid generic statements like ‘your blog has been very helpful.’

Instead, dive into details and let the influencer understand how their advice has helped you.

Here are key points you should always remember;

  • Compliment the website in an honest way
  • Mention that you linked to them in your blog post (that shows goodwill)
  • Casually mention a collaboration

Remember, you are asking them to do something for you now them. Therefore, there is no guarantee that everyone you send a guest post pitch email will respond. So it’s important to write like a normal person with a great personality.

Avoid prepared generic scripts like PianoHunter received recently;

“Hey, my name is Sarah and I with five years of experience in guest posting and I would like to guest post on your website. I write original content on topics like A, B, C….”

You should be a legitimate reader, a subscriber, and a fan. That way, you will know who you are talking to, what you should tell them, and why.

Step 4: Your request has been accepted. What next?

Submit your guest post on time. If you have agreed to submit the post for a specific deadline, ensure the post is available on time. Missed deadlines can damage your reputation and ruin other future opportunities.

Remember, every positive encounter you’ve in business has an impact on the individuals you work with. Therefore, focus on being helpful and create excellent content for them. You can end up unlocking amazing opportunities in the future.

Never give up

Writing good content for other publications is fun, a great way of getting creative and meet a new audience. While you may not get a response from every blog you pitch, you should never give up.

Work with those who will respond and continue reaching out to new prospects. You can also explore other SEO tactics to drive more traffic to your website.

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