How Come I Was Suspended?

This dreaded Amazon account suspension notification email comes from Amazon’s Seller Performance Team. The email, even though its cryptic at times, shows the reason why your account was suspended. It’s advised that you take the email meticulously.

NOTE: In various cases, these violations aren’t viewed as account suspensions, but a clear warning. If it’s just a warning letter, we highly advise that you understand what caused the warning and never let it happen again.

And in this guide, we’ll help you take the necessary steps to get your amazon seller account reinstated.

The Correct Process of Getting Your Amazon Seller Account Reinstated

Before we go in-depth with the appeal letter, here are a few things that will create a positive mindset when sending an appeal letter to Amazon.

Acknowledge the Problem

Even if it isn’t intentional, state that it was a mistake on your behalf. Keep your ego in check by remembering that Amazon focuses on their customers first and their sellers second. By acknowledging it, you’re telling them that you’re serious about the suspension and want to make efforts into fixing it.

Be Detailed and Factual

This pertains to almost any information that you can send to the Amazon Seller Performance Team. When thinking about your appeal letter, the more detail, the better. Give them the exact reason why the suspension happens and describe how you’re planning to fix it.

Making a Good Amazon Suspension Letter

First, you want to start off by making a good introduction. It should include the following:

  • Your seller account
  • Who you are
  • Reason why the Seller Performance Team suspended your account

Then, you should add a line on how you’ve learned from your previous mistakes and is doing everything to reverse the problems it might have caused your customers.

Elaborate the Cause of Suspension

If the issue was an honest misconception on your part, then you have to take responsibility for the issue. Elaborate on how the offence might have caused your suspension. If there’s more on the issue, then make sure to detail each one of them. If possible, place them in bullet points so the Seller Performance Team can easily read it.

Detail The Steps it Took to Fix the Issue

You have to clearly explain what steps you’ve taken to address the problem. And when I say “detailed” I mean a clear observation as to what occurred. We suggest that you send screenshots on the steps you’re doing to solve the issue so that your account can be reinstated faster.

Request For an Appeal

After that, end the letter with the request to appeal your account. Make sure that your appeal letter is readable. This means that important parts are highlighted, be it through bullet points or bold letters.



Getting your Amazon account suspended doesn’t mean your seller career is doomed. That’s why you have to take time to craft a compelling and objective letter to Amazon Seller Performance Team. Create one that “appeals” to Amazon to ensure that you get your account information back.



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