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Most Essential Factors to Consider For Google Rankings

SEO is a winning idea. For businesses to adopt SEO as their marketing channel, it is preparing for the success journey. The unfortunate thing, however, is that most people get started and stop halfway. The other thing which is even more unfortunate is that people do not know what they should be paying attention to. The whole SEO idea is all about ranking on Google and getting the most traffic which is then converted to sales. It is not automatic. You need to devote a significant amount of effort for it to work in the first place. While the SEO world keeps evolving, you might be left a bit confused along the way. At that point, you need to be on your toes when it comes to the changes. There is one sure thing though, as much as there are the changes. The following are the most essential factors to consider for Google rankings.

Most Essential Factors to Consider For Google Rankings

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  1. Mobile responsiveness

The world is going mobile. If you want Google rank trackers at serpbook to feed your eyes with something positive, then you should consider optimizing your website to be mobile friendly.

Why the emphasis? Did you know that 60 percent of Google searches originate from mobile devices? That is, tablets and phones? Well, now you know. That is more than half the searches. Something you might be unaware of is that before Google goes for search results from desktops, they will go for mobile.

If your website has not been optimized for mobile use, then it means that you will be having high bounce rates and low dwelling time. To make your site mobile friendly, you will be required to ensure that your content is readable on your website, the loading speed is on point and also optimize your images for mobile devices.

  1. Page speed

Page loading speed is something that most web owners tend to ignore while they shouldn’t. The page loading speed determines whether your visitors will continue reading your content or they will just exit your page. That is where the subject dwell time and bounce rates come in.

Note that Google will use the two to rank your site. A high bounce rate means that you are unable to help the visitors, the same goes for a low dwell time. If your site takes forever to load you will be penalized for the two. Your page will not get a good rank in Google.

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  1. Content

For your website to be ranked as the most authoritative, you need to be particular when it comes to content. Content is King. You need to optimize it, one, by using relevant keywords and ensuring that it is original.

Keyword remains an essential factor in content creation as it has its role to play in helping visitors locate your site. When it comes to authenticity, there is no room for duplication. If you duplicate content, you will get penalized by Google. Use fresh content and continuously update the old one.

  1. Accessible website

For Google rankings, your site needs to be accessible. There is undoubtedly no other way around this. For one, Google bots need to be able to find it. How do you make your site accessible? It is a no-brainer. Using headers while you structure your content and alt for images is one way to start. While creating content, accessibility should be in mind.

The security of your website also contributes to Google ranking. Enabling the security of your sites will take care of that.

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  1. Links

Links are something that should also be in mind when it comes to Google ranking. It includes both inbound links, outbound links, and even the internal links. Internal links, for instance, improves the user experience by enhancing the architecture of your site.

Both outbound and inbound links have a role to play in making your site authoritative and relevant. More so, it helps you create more traffic for your website: something which you will rank for.


The five factors are the most important to consider when it comes to Google ranking. However, it is also important to understand that SEO is a channel that keeps evolving and you are therefore required to be on the lookout for something new. That is how you succeed in SEO.

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Most Essential Factors to Consider For Google Rankings

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