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What Is The Design Of A Conversion-Oriented Blog?

What Is The Design Of A Conversion-Oriented Blog?

Do you know what the design of your blog should be?

Here’s some basic advice. Your blog shouldn’t just look cool! It should help you retain your readers, leave them with a good impression of you and even convert them into subscribers and in the future into customers.

And in this article you will learn how to make your blog more functional and simple. And also, which of the elements will help you grow an audience of loyal readers by the hours rather than days.

And the first thing I would like to start with is color.

Color counts.

Color is key to your site. If you understand the psychology of color, you can cause the right emotions in your visitors.

So you must choose the right colors for your site. They must match the demography and psychology of your audience. For example, a young mother sitting on maternity leave, and a middle-aged man whose hobby is fishing, will have different tastes.

Simply put, the color scheme of your site should resonate with your audience.

The company KissMetrics gives some data, saying that:

  • blue is considered the preferred color for both men (57%) and women (35%), although men are more fond of it.
  • men also do not like brown, while women do not like orange.
  • men are also good at grey.
  • women, by the way, are good with different shades, while men prefer pure colors.
  • most men (56%) and women (76%) prefer cool colors in general (green, blue, blue, purple)

In today’s online world, competition is high. And many novice brands are hard to stand out. So try to cause those emotions that are close to your target audience with the right colors.

Place the side panel on the right.

Have you noticed that some blogs have side panels on the left? Or worse, do some blogs have two side panels?

Marketer Neil Patel has experimented with different types of layouts. In his research, he found that the sidebar on the right reduced the number of people who read his content by 15-25%. So he calls the optimal layout when the content is on the left side and one sidebar on the right side.

Also, there is data that says that visitors scan web pages in a special way – in the form of the letters F.

Use the proper fonts

If we’re talking about fonts, here’s a real case study of the same Neil Patel. He ran font tests on 13 blogs.

In the course of these tests, he found that by increasing the font size from 8 to 9, the time that readers spent on the site increased by 13 seconds. Then he noticed that the time spent on the site increased by another 8 seconds when he made the font size 10.

And then he got an extra 6 seconds of holding readers on the site when he increased the font size to 11.

However, this will only work if you use a readable font like Arial or, for example, Times New Roman, Tahoma, Georgia. If your font is difficult to read, then increasing the size of the font will not help. You can easily check that with poster mockups.

Big font is also important if your blog is read by smartphone owners. For example, the statistics of one of my blogs indicates that about 74% of my visitors come from mobile devices and tablets.

Paste “About me” + userpic

You could say that’s another important element in conversion.

For example, if you want to establish a pleasant relationship with readers from the first visit, insert your photo and write a few words about yourself. Promote yourself, but do not write too arrogantly.

Tell your readers in one sentence what brought you into this business or why you started your blog. Next, write briefly about your achievements and awards. Then, write a few words about your mission, indicating the challenges your audience faces.

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