Best Cities For Your Restaurant Business in 2019

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Best Cities For Your Restaurant Business in 2019

When you think of Cuisine Capitals, where do you consider first? New York? San Francisco? Miami? Whilst these cities may be home to some of the best restaurants in the world, they’re also over-populated by average and middle-of-the-road dining spots, making the market incredibly saturated. Your restaurant business deserves a location that allows it to shine; somewhere the locals really care about good quality food and a community set-up will allow word-of-mouth marketing to announce your arrival.

If you’re launching a restaurant business in 2019, here are the cities you should be considering:

Best Cities For Your Restaurant Business in 2019

Nashville, Tennessee

With wages growing 36% between 2010 and 2015, Nashville’s residents are enjoying more disposable income to spend on the finer things in life. As such, this up-and-coming city could be the perfect place to open a new restaurant.

Nashville’s culinary calling card has long been Nashville fried chicken — can you do one better? There may be an opportunity in the market for something entirely different; plant-based, fusion or European food, for instance. Or, you could take on the city’s favorite dish, and try to make it your own.

Dayton, Ohio

Thanks to major renovation work, Dayton is undergoing a genuine metamorphosis. Investment in residences, office hubs, outdoor spaces and entertainment facilities — including festival and music venues — is drawing young professionals and travelling tourists alike to the city.

By capitalizing early, you could secure a shop front and/or restaurant before the rental prices go sky high. Developers such as have a whole host of opportunities for you to peruse. As a city on the rise, Dayton is certainly a location where you could make your mark.

Dallas, Texas

When you think of Texan cities of culture, you’d be forgiven for assuming that Austin has more to give than its neighbor, Dallas. However, much like Nashville, a surge in employment opportunities in the city has given Dallas residents a new lease of life — launching a business there now could be an astute financial move.

You’ve heard the saying, “Everything is bigger in Texas.” So, consider what unique selling point your restaurant business could bring to the local area; do you want to carve a space that’s authentically Texan, or do something truly disruptive to gain attention?

Sacramento, California

Its proximity to other, more well-known and celebrated cities, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and San Diego, means that Sacramento is often overlooked as a culinary destination.

Yet, located in the hub of America’s most abundant agricultural region, Sacramento has access to more ingredients than many other cities across The States. This makes it an ideal place to launch a restaurant business with a “farm to fork” approach.

If your restaurant idea honors respectful relationships between suppliers and traders and wants to spotlight traditional ways of preparing and cooking food, then Sacramento may be the exact right place for you to launch and learn from.

In conclusion…

All across The United States, there is no shortage of cities famed for their food and culture. For your restaurant business to be a success, look for a location where there’s space in the market and macro trends to suggest the city is on the up.

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