Tools to Keep You on Top of Your Business Operations

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Tools to Keep You on Top of Your Business Operations

Innovative technology for business operations spring up at a rapid rate, it’s not easy to segregate the products with critical value and staying power from those certain to burn out within a few years. Because of this, businesses leach into total analysis paralysis, not sure when to press the button on new technology. I do not point the finger at you. The time and tools and learning curve that is used for implementing new business operations tools thwarts the flow of work and may also affect your customers and clients – not to mention frustrate your staff (of course, staying with existing technology is absolutely not making them happy either). You can never tell if technology will be buggy, lack support or be more hassle than any importance it may offer.

A handful of business technologies are widely used for a reason. Useful, tried-and-true and stable, with regular product improvements and updates, these seven (7) products are worth the effort and time you will put into using them in your business. And your team will like them, too.

Essential Business Operations Tools

  1. Document signing and tracking

In many companies, paper happens to be passé. In fact, it seems ridiculous that we still need to print out and sign documents, scan documents after which you can email them back.

If you look at quotes, employee paperwork, contracts, and proposals, it just seems unnecessary and tedious in this computer age. PandaDoc is a superb answer for this, balancing the flow and offering eSignatures and distribution of paperwork. 

  1. Project management

I would be shocked if you hadn’t read about Basecamp — it has become rather regular, especially within departments and marketing agencies. Basecamp has existed since 2004 and it has improved by leaps and bounds through the years.

Manage projects, allot tasks, view project, share documents and people routines all from one device. They are well known for awesome customer service, too. It’s love for its integrations, “Campfires,” which allow group chats in real-time, and the potential to organize files.

  1. Time tracking

Let’s be candid, no one fancies timesheets. Employees are sick of doing them, managers loathe approving them, but they are simply an area of business, especially if you’re in a service-based business. What you can do is to make it simple to do both.

The tool right for this is Harvest — exceptionally since it has Safari and Chrome integrations that help to track from your web browser. It also blends properly with several project management tools like Basecamp, Asana, and Jira. For freelancers or small agencies, it has helpful estimating and invoicing tools, too.

If you are a creative firm or team desiring a closer relationship between your project management and time tracking, 10,000ft provides a reliable combination of timesheets, Gantt chart-like resource visualization, and project management

  1. Product management and development

Jira and Trello are essentially the go-to tools for enterprises that develop software products or websites. Developers are fiercely devoted to one tool or the other. With the same functionality and features, it often just depends on preference.

Perhaps the variation is that Jira was created specifically for software development, whilst Trello’s more versatile format has attracted the attention of teams that manage content-heavy tasks.

  1. Employee engagement

About 70 percent of employees are not performing in their office. Top reasons generally boil down to not feeling appreciated, heard, or challenged.

Officevibe is briskly making its path into many businesses, through its numerous integrations – Office 365, Salesforce, Google, Slack, etc. This tool enables HR personnel or team managers to check the pulse of workers consistently — anonymously and with a definite level of personalized automation.

Armed using this insight, team leaders can make ideal improvements and changes to company tradition to boost morale. After all, happy workers make happy customers. 

  1. Collaborative prototyping

Software and Website is a complex animal. There are going to be thoughts and opinions. There is going to be loads of back and forth.

And sure, we’ve mentioned project management systems as a way of managing projects.

However collaboration is another animal that is where InVision can be very helpful – particularly when you are collaborating with those clients outside of the office or those working remotely.

InVision lets you create high-fidelity wireframes and functioning prototypes of software or websites. Integrated collaboration tools make it an easy task to work together along the duration of the task by welcoming comments from clients or internal teams. On top of that? It is free.

  1. Inventory Management

Inventory management is a complicated process, especially for larger businesses, but the fundamentals are basically the same regardless of the business’ type or size. In inventory management, products are shipped into the receiving section of a warehouse such as components or raw materials and are placed into shelves or areas.

There are many inventory management apps out there but EMERGE App meets all requirements necessary to help business flow smoothly. EMERGE App uses numerous data to keep an eye on the products as they proceed in the process, which includes lot numbers, serial numbers, the quantity of good, cost of goods and the dates when they make progress in the process.

Inventory management applications generally started as simple spreadsheets that monitored the quantities of products in a warehouse but have grown to be more complex. Inventory management application like EMERGE App can now go many layers deep and implement with accounting and ERP systems. The App monitor goods in inventory, at times across many warehouse locations. The application also calculates the costs — usually in numerous currencies — so that inventory management systems always have a precise and detailed assessment of the worth of the goods.

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