Five Benefits Of Using Automation In Healthcare

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Automation and robotics has taken the world of medicine and healthcare by storm. People are aging, which means we need better healthcare facilities to cater to their needs. According to reports, the US will witness a shortage of 260,000 nurses by 2025, which means we need more medical staff to cater to people’s needs.  Robotics can help bridge the gulf between the demand and supply of nurses. Yes, you heard it right. Robotics can help reduce our dependence on human medical staff.

Many believe that automation will help save a good amount of fortune in the near future. It is a given fact that paying employee salaries and incentives is an expensive affair. Everybody wants to hire more and more people. The right approach is to treat your employees like resource. Have the right man for the right job. Also, have adequate automation at your disposal.

Here are some of the major benefits of using robotic process automation in healthcare:

  1. Reduced cost of labor

Yes, the more automation you use, the lesser would be the cost of maintenance. Take this for an example: humans need to be paid every month (in the form of salaries and incentives), but machines are a one-time investment. You buy automation solutions once and they will stay with you for the rest of your life. You must have read countless news reports pertaining to medical negligence in newspapers and on the web. All of these issues would minimize once automation takes the front seat.

1. Consistency would increase

Humans commit errors, but machines do not. Once you program a machine, it will follow the commands you’ve given. Automated solutions would keep on doing the job they have been asked to accomplish till the time you don’t press the stop button. Also, a human happens to be no match for a machine. No matter how hard a man tries, a machine will always win the battle owing to its superior rate of efficiency

2. Data-driven insights

Automation would generate data that can be trusted. All of the patients will have machines serving them. Also, every medical problem will be eliminated using data and insights. Data-driven insights will help solve medical equations that humans are struggling to solve.

3. Better service

With automation, a large number of patients will be able to seek medical treatment simultaneously. Machines would be able to serve patients without taking breaks. No leaves, no lunch breaks, no sick leaves, nothing. Automation will offer 24×7 service to those who need it. Having 24×7 medical service at your disposal is super convenient, isn’t it? An automated platform will be able to serve patient groups of different sizes.

4. Better management: Well, this one is an obvious pointer. There is a lot that needs to be managed in a medical facility. You cannot take anything for granted.

You can take this for an example:

The ICUs across hospitals can be automated. You can make life easier for everybody by completely automating the patient lifecycle (right from the patient’s admission to the actual surgical procedure). The records can also be automated. Automation of records can be immensely helpful while conducting emergency surgeries. In this way, you will be having the ready records of patients at your disposal as and when you need them.

The idea behind automation is to make medical care accessible to all. Automation can help us attain this accessibility. It is time we embrace automation. It is only a matter of time before it starts making its presence felt.

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