4 Simple Tips for Cooperating With Your Criminal Legal Counsel

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4 Simple Tips for Cooperating With Your Criminal Legal Counsel

Facing a criminal charge is never something to take lightly. Even if you know you’re innocent, there’s still the matter of dealing with the situation. Having legal counsel like Mass Tsang LLP Criminal Barristers & Solicitors is a great start, but you need to take things to the next level. Here are four tips that will make it easier for your lawyer to prepare for and manage the case.

Tell Your Lawyer Everything

Now is not the time to filter information. That’s what your lawyer does. Instead of arbitrarily deciding that some minor detail is not really relevant to the case, go ahead and share that detail with your legal counsel. The lawyer is in a better position to decide if it means anything in particular or if it’s something that the opposing counsel could use to discredit you. Don’t worry about inundating the lawyer with too much information. It’s much easier to sort through it all and be prepared than it is to encounter surprises in the courtroom.

Remember that telling all includes sharing details even is some of them are personally embarrassing. Your lawyer is not interested in passing judgment on your personal life. The lawyer is interested in ensuring your legal rights are protected. If something is a little embarrassing, go ahead and blush, but tell your lawyer anyway.

Listen Closely As Your Lawyer Explains What Could Happen

There will likely be more than one possible outcome for your case. One of the things that your lawyer will do is go over those potential outcomes. This is not done to scare or intimidate you. The point is to help you grasp the severity of the situation and also be prepared for what could happen.

Even as the lawyer goes through the possible scenarios, expect for the legal counsel to talk about strategies designed to improve the odds of achieving the best possible result. Pay close attention, since what the lawyer says could remind you of some small detail that you overlooked before.

Avoid Places and People if Necessary

Depending on the nature of your case, being careful about where you go and who you are with could be a prudent move. In fact, your legal counsel may recommend that you avoid certain places and individuals until after the case is over. The goal is to avoid providing the opposing counsel anything that they could use to strengthen their case and possibly undermine some aspect of your defence.

Refrain From Outbursts in the Courtroom

Once in the courtroom, let your legal counsel do all the talking. Even if something that is said makes you angry, stay in your seat. If necessary, whisper to your lawyer. Other than that, remain as calm as possible and save the frustration for when you meet with your lawyer in between court sessions.

Hopefully, a charge of this nature is something you will never have to experience again. Even though you are facing a situation that is totally foreign, remember that your legal counsel has dealt with similar issues. Provide complete disclosure, listen to what your lawyer has to say, and follow any recommendations to the letter. In the long run, the odds of getting through this situation will be a lot better.

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