Seven Tips to figure your e-commerce business with digital marketing

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Seven Tips to figure your e-commerce business with digital marketing

As an E-commerce business owner, you are hungry to generate more sales. On the other hand, your competitors are looking for ways to outdo you. Do not forget that the customer owns the final decision on the online store where to make a purchase. So how do you keep generating new leads for your business? Digital marketing is the real answer for a struggling online store. If done effectively, you can start generating leads that are qualified with digital marketing. The nightmare for many establishments is keeping up with the changing trends especially in the word of digital marketing.

Let us find some of the digital marketing techniques to help grow your online business.

1.  Integrate Artificial Intelligence into Digital Marketing Campaigns

AI or artificial intelligence refers to the simulation of human intelligence by machines. Artificial intelligence is already pulling its weight in the world of digital marketing. In digital marketing, we have seen AI playing a huge role in ensuring more rewarding digital campaigns. There are different use cases of AI in digital marketing, especially for E-commerce establishments. Artificial intelligence is driving customer insight and predictive analytics. These encourage the use of data to drive your digital marketing campaigns.

Use artificial intelligence enabled platforms to analyze consumer behavior and customers search patterns. Correcting data from social media and the blog posts will help your business to identify or understand how users and the customers are finding their products. Through the adoption of AI-driven technologies, you can minimize the cost of digital marketing buy coming up with campaigns that are more targeted. This gives a business a cutting edge when it comes to lead generation thanks to the ability to come up with more targeted campaigns. Benefits of using AI for digital marketing include the following:

  • Ensure better customer experience by delivering targeted campaigns that align to customer’s interest.
  • Ability to predict customer behavior hence personalized advertisements throughout the purchase journey of your customer

2.   Incorporate Live Chat Tool  into your Digital Marketing Plan

The use of live chat is here to stay. Therefore, if your e-commerce website does not have a live chat tool, you will need to consider adding. For instance, the DeskMoz live chat feature helps you to engage your customers when they are on your website. You can quickly ask the customer what they are searching for and help them to quickly find a product they wanted to buy. The live chat feature has helped to minimize abandoned carts.

The live chat feature also doubles as a customer support tool. A 2016 report indicates that 51 percent of customers say that a business needs to be available throughout. This is what makes the live chat functionality a must have for your business website. A poll also points out that over 40% of the online consumers say that having questions answered by a live person during an online purchase is an important feature offered by the online store.

The chatbot feature helps to interact with ready to buy customers. The chatbot offers prompt answers to buyer’s questions, and so the customers do not lose patience. This means that you can use the feature to aid the customer’s purchase journey and ultimately secure that important sale. The live chat feature offers the following benefits:

  • Comes with instant customer service
  • Allows chatting with several customers at the same time
  • It is available on the website and hence easy to attract interaction from the customers
  • Features automated greeting messages that attract customers attention
  • Personalized service based on past users behavior
  • Can include a pre-chat survey to help guide the customer to relevant WebPages

Therefore, if you are still to start using the live chat feature, you had better make that move today and start enjoying the ability to generate more sales for your online shop.

3.   Come up with a Content Marketing Strategy for your E-Commerce Store

Content marketing refers to the use of content to market your online store, or the products available online. Do you have a content marketing strategy for your E-commerce website? If used effectively, content marketing is a good approach for reaching out to your E-commerce customers. Today, content features as a great approach for targeting ready buyers. A recent report indicates that over 80% of shoppers begin with an online search. Therefore, retailers need to leverage the power of content to market their products. Use content marketing as a strategy for creating brand awareness to drive more buyers to your online shop. The content marketing campaigns are effective for establishing online authority and attracting more web traffic. Therefore, you can leverage the power of content to bring more leads and hence grow your online sales. All that a business need is to come up with the right content and have a powerful strategy for your content campaigns.

Content can take various forms. These include blog posts, online articles, podcasts, as well as videos. Content marketers should focus on coming up with good quality content and then curate the content, share, and distribute the content. The important role played by content when it comes to marketing online stores includes:

  • Attracting defined target customers
  • Informing the customers about your online brand
  • Engaging and educating customers about your brand
  • Generating business leads and sales
  • Turning the audience into customers, fans, and also advocates

According to statistics, over 90% of B2B, marketers and 86% of B2C marketers are using content marketing and it works effectively.

4.   Take Advantage of Email Campaigns to Drive Customers To Your Online Store

Do not be carried away by the online comments indicating that Email Marketing is on its last legs. In fact, several small business owners are showing great interest in email marketing. In addition, it can work for your online store. Email marketing is defined as the practice of sending messages to prospects. The message is aimed at driving the customer’s interest through educating them about a brand or a product. Thus, email marketing campaigns seek to sell, educate or inform the customers and build brand loyalty. Email marketing campaigns will work best if the sender ensures the message is relevant to the customer’s interest. Thus, you would like to segment your customers based on the buyer’s persona and sending messages to the customers. In short, building an email list and sending compelling messages is a great way to attract buyers to your online store. So, why should you consider the use of email marketing as a digital marketing strategy? Here are some of the arguments why.

  • An email is a great tool for building an ongoing customer relationship. You can use the search engine and other social media platforms to attract customers. Once they have made the first purchase, you can then maintain the relationship with email campaigns.
  • Email is an effective tool for driving sales: A DMA study showed that for every dollar that is spent on email marketing, businesses make up to $32 as the average return. Therefore, we can see that if you use email marketing effectively, you can generate more sales for your business.

To get started with email marketing, choose a good email service provider, build the customer list and start sending emails legally and regularly. Measure the effectiveness and optimize on the promising accounts.

5.   Leverage on the power of social media

We cannot talk about digital marketing tools for e-commerce websites without mentioning social media. By now, you already know that social media is a powerful marketing platform. There are various social media platforms that you can use to market your business. When getting started with social media marketing, consider the following tips on effective social media marketing.

  • Always start with a good plan for your social media marketing campaigns. Nothing ever works without a proper plan. Even in social media marketing, you have to come up with an effective plan. Therefore, start by constructing a good social media marketing
  • Choose the best social media platforms for your digital marketing campaign. When getting started with social media marketing, the big question is which are the best platforms for your campaign? To choose the best platform, you have to consider your target audience. The idea is to make sure that your digital campaigns will catch the attention of your prospects. The type of content you are sharing also matters when choosing the ideal platform.
  • Focus on building your audience on social media. Now that you have chosen the right platform for social media campaigns, the next thing is building an audience. Engage with the current users and keep sharing content that will attract more audience.
  • Measure the Effectiveness of social media campaigns. This allows you to leverage on the campaigns that have a high conversion rate. You can measure the engagement rate by looking at the user comments, the likes and the shares that a campaign attracts. Leverage on the campaigns with a high conversion rate.

Those are the important consideration to have in mind when it comes to using social media for digital campaigns.

6.   Focus on Search Engine Optimization

SEO is an effective approach that businesses can use for marketing. With your e-commerce website ranking high on search engines, you are sure that you can attract new sales. With SEO standards changing constantly, it is important that you constantly update the website optimization to rank high. The importance of ranking high is obvious in this case. You know that the top results tend to have a high click-through rate and so this is a moneymaking technique you need to give a trial. Search engines will also promote websites that offer a good user experience. Make sure that you have relevant content and that the links within your web pages are working effectively. Focus on providing information that is rich, reliable and that the users will find useful. Consider the following SEO tips for your E-commerce websites.

  • Set up the right keywords to rank high on Google. Therefore, when setting up the E-commerce website you have to do extensive keyword research. Use the long-tail keywords, which can really help you to rank on Google.
  • Inserting strategic keywords on anchor text helps to boost your SEO. The E-commerce websites comprise of several links that point to different products. You need to make the links look natural using terms like “click here”. To maximize the potential, optimize the anchor text.
  • Avoid Duplication on your website. The product descriptions need to be unique and no duplications should be allowed.
  • Write attractive product descriptions to capture the interest of the buyer.
  • Optimize the product images on your Ecommerce website. The images need to be high quality, compelling and very unique.
  • Avoid broken links as this affects the user experience and is an enemy of the search engine.

7.   Optimize the Campaigns for Mobile Devices

Your e-commerce website needs to optimize for viewing on any device and browser. Considering that most of the online purchases are done through a mobile device, it is critical you ensure the website renders well on the mobile platforms. Therefore, come up with a website that is responsive to any user layout. Statistics show that over 60% of world’s population is using mobile devices. Therefore, it is important that you ensure your online content is optimized to render well on these devices. Otherwise, this is going to affect your ability to increase sales, consider that people lose patience if the page does not load within the first seconds. Therefore, fast loading is necessary for your e-commerce website.

Now you are aware of the different digital marketing strategies for E-commerce websites. By adding these to your digital marketing plan, you can achieve a high lead generation potential and at the same time increases sales for your online store. For better results, you can seek assistance from an expert.

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