SPA Applications vs MPA Applications: Which One Is Better?

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SPA Applications vs MPA Applications Which One Is Better

Want to know if an SPA or an MPA is right for your project? Find out how in this guide! So you’re trying to create your first application, but don’t know where to start. While you can start with a single page application, some will say that using a multi-page application is the better option.  Which one is the winner in the SPA applications vs MPA applications debate?

Keep reading to find out!

SPA Applications vs MPA Applications: Which One Is Better?

What is an SPA?

Single-page web apps are great for making dynamic platforms with a small amount of data. Also, a single page app is great when you’re making a base for future mobile app development.

Fast and Responsive

SPAs don’t update the full page, but the entire content. They are used to increase a company’s website’s speed. Resources such as (HTML/CSS/Javascript) are loaded in the application. This is a powerful advantage, and based on Google Search, a business that can open their page in 200 milliseconds, it can have a high impact on the sales and business.

Weak SEO Optimization

The only difficulty with this approach is weak SEO optimization. However, this architecture is best suited for social networks, SaaS platforms, closed communities where using SEO doesn’t matter. If your project requires an effective SEO, then you should develop a multi-page application.

What is an MPA?

When thinking about MPA, just look at any complex web pages that are posted online. For example, Amazon, PayPal or eBay.

Multi-page applications work is large in size and work traditionally. Due to the content they have, multi-page apps have multiple levels and have a lot of deep UIs and links.

The main technologies that are used to make a multi-page website are CSS and HTML. To reduce the load, developers tend to use jQuery and Javascript.

Before choosing an MPA application, it’s best to describe the advantages and disadvantages when using this type of application framework.


SEO is better on MPAs because of its native for search engine crawlers. These apps provide more control over your SEO because of its changing content and multiple pages. Also, developers can include meta tags on every page.

An MPA has a better chance of ranking in Google Search, and an app can be optimized for a keyword per page.

Complex Maintenance and Updates

It’s difficult to maintain and update your MPA consistently. For some developers, it feels like a chore when making monthly updates. In addition, maintaining your security can be difficult because developers want to secure each separate page.

Which One Should I Chose?

The answer will vary based on the scope of your development team. Are you trying to create an internal app for your company? Then an SPA is a right choice for you. But if you’re trying to create a dynamic website that can rank well on Google’s search, then an MPA is a better option.

No matter which one you choose, make sure that your IT team has enough time to complete the project. By doing this, you’ll increase their confidence, productivity, and their ability to finish the project fully.

Do you have any questions about SPA applications vs MPA applications?

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