5 social media stats marketers need to know ASAP

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5 social media stats marketers need to know ASAP-min

Social media marketers are at crossroads today constantly having to challenge themselves for measuring performance. With ever-increasing complex features, varying content formats, having to meet audience expectations, marketers are sincerely pressed for time to dig through a massive amount of data in order to develop one such strategy that does the job right. In other words, it is that one single approach that makes way for vital insights to fire up growth and development of a brand. Incidentally, social teams emerge as the first one to take note of what’s in vogue across the web as well as insights that could affect promotion for good. As such, it draws limits to the potential of marketers who rely on data-driven insights, collaboration and influential strategies to foster real growth for a business. Challenges can be plenty and they could start with pretty simple ones like how to build an email list to complex ones like several analytics report that boils down to a story that help shape the fate of a brand.  Here’s a mull over 5 such social media stats that marketers need to know ASAP.

More than 40% of social media marketers vouch for community groups across Linkedin or Facebook which they feel is crucial

Community groups across social media platforms offer a unique chance to identify people who have a vested interest in common topics. As such, they become a part of the group to directly talk about a specific product or a business. For social marketers, it only makes more chance to garner insights in depth from the most passionate breed of audiences, out of which almost two-thirds of consumers join a private group to connect with likeminded people. As such, private groups should never be overlooked on the grounds that they don’t account for organic reach. For any social marketer whose target lay in enhanced engagement of the community, such groups are a perfect heaven to find brand loyalists and touch base with a customer base that can be outspoken and dedicated as well.

Development of a social strategy to support brand goals remains a great challenge for almost 47% of social media marketers

Think you are behind in the game of developing a fulfilling strategy for a brand?  Well, you are not alone. The struggle to build a comprehensive and cohesive strategy for brand goals seems like a global issue. As social media teams fail to make the most out of their analysis data, they tend to miss out communicating on certain findings that can impact organizations for betterment. What’s needed in this case is more time and bandwidth which shall help create goals that are impactful and strategies that carry the power to fulfil organizational dreams.

 45% of consumers prefer live video from brands they like on social media

There is certainly no denying the fact that live video is a must-have for social media marketing needs. In coming years, it is seemingly the one great thing that can help brands march the progressive route. The reasons aren’t too obscure to scan. A live video compared to a still life promotion has a string of benefits as it is more spontaneous and real and less scripted compared to conventional advertisements. Having said that, there are some social media teams that fail to include live video in their strategy and lack subsequent bandwidth to implement it successfully. While more than 63 per cent of social media marketers give their vote of confidence to live video, 24 per cent has plans to chalk out strategy towards YouTube Live. At this point, it is crucial to take audience insights into account which in turn is absolutely vital to determine what kind of platforms a social media team should shift their focus on. Remember, live video can be quite a tricky proposition if one fails to identify the right resources in order to make things work to your favour.

67% of consumers are more inclined to increase spending for a brand as they choose to follow it on social media

Contrary to what many would believe on the surface level, a social media team doesn’t only cater to increasing likes for a brand. It’s way more than that. The revenue for a brand comes through authentic connections in one place. As such, the right kind of social strategy help foster relationships that works to keep brands afloat just around the time when the consumer is ready to shell out extra from their pockets. Additionally, it also ensures repeat business which creates brand loyalists in the long run. Remember, a consumer is more likely to refer a brand to a friend or family member when they start following the company across their social media pages. You see, number of followers is a metric dipped in vanity. Only building relationships with customers across social media can act as a driver for revenue and help in conversions.

Almost 50% of consumers tend to follow brands on social to know about upcoming products or services.

Motivational and delightful content works great for shaping a brand voice and sketch a brand personality.  It is relationship building where your mettle is tested. It’s when you start understanding why consumers take time to actually follow your brand on social media. Majority of consumers would like to know more about new or upcoming products and services while others follow merely for entertainment. These insights not only state what’s on a consumers mind but also depict the need for social media marketers to embark across multiple directions to ensure all such demands are realised. One needs to strike balance between informative as well as delightful posts to drive engagement from close quarters. Identifying the unique audience for a brand is the key to expand one’s marketing strategy which in turn shall reflect how and when audiences engage with the content that’s posted. To make an impact, social marketers need to develop a highly effective content plan that would influence potential consumers and exhaust all such resources to make it happen.

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