Here’s how social media has led us to be healthier

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Here's how social media has led us to be healthier

It’s not entirely surprising when someone says social media can be a toxic place full of unnecessary drama and fostered superficiality. Many times, it actually is. But as with everything in life, perspective is a strong matter. With the right mindset and a deliberately mature approach to how various concerns should be dealt with, social media is a gift that many can benefit from.

When we talk about big improvements in modern-day living, the list is endless. The pursuit of comfort and convenience is an expedition that isn’t slowing down anytime soon. Arguably the biggest change we’ve witnessed over time is communication. In the wake of the digital era, wireless and video correspondence continue to prosper. Social media has become an energy that people feed into. In fact, it’s become so powerful that its influence on society impacts many of our beliefs, life decisions, and lifestyle choices.

There isn’t a shortage in sight when it comes to learning about the newest detox craze, the best workouts, and other inspiring life hacks. Believe it or not, social media has been such a massive enabler of good living as well; telling us what to do and what not to, to achieve and maintain better minds and bodies.

As the word “healthy” isn’t limited to only one aspect in life, it’s important to continually try and make an effort to lead a well-rounded lifestyle, devoid of recurring negativity and bad habits. While it’s completely impossible to rid all the bad in your life, choosing to stand up for what betters you as an individual is never a selfish thing.

Social media helps motivate us

It can be challenging to drag yourself for a run or head to the gym after a long day at work; especially when it’s raining or just colder than usual. But a study says that seeing other people upload post-workout selfies help encourage other people. When we realize that our friends and family have chosen to get out of their way to work out, we feel more empowered and excited.

Facebook and Instagram, specifically, has also helped us make better food selections, a study says. When you’re feeling stressed and in the mood to sink your teeth into sinful junk, social media can quickly remind us that healthy food doesn’t have to taste bad; and that many greens can substitute stress food.

Here's how social media has led us to be healthier

If you’re too busy to cook your own food, let alone buy your own groceries, there are now plenty of healthy meal delivery services. You can subscribe to them on a weekly or monthly basis, and have your calorie count customized based on what’s best for your build. Vegan or not, enjoy the food a wide array of chefs-turned-entrepreneurs can provide you on a daily basis.

Social media can turn us into creatives

Not everyone has an eye for stunning visuals and eye-popping designs. But if we’re exposed to just the right amount of color and concepts online, it’s very likely for us to start cultivating a passion for creating things and beautifying our own space. Whether you’re searching for bedroom decor ideas trying to create a Feng shui bedroom or looking for suggestions on where to buy 80’s inspired posters to come up with a thematic art studio, catching the creative bug has become a lot easier because of social media.

Here's how social media has led us to be healthier

(Img Courtesy: Awara Sleep)

Facebook has also been a good introducer of new finds. For instance, did you know that there’s a little washing machine intended only for make-up blenders? It’s so tiny that all that ever fits in it is the egg-shaped make-up accessory. Another interesting discovery that’s selling like hotcakes are adjustable mattresses; so much so that a quick trip to Google will tell you that the keywords “how much do adjustable mattress base cost” have already been keyed in multiple times!

Here's how social media has led us to be healthier

(Img Courtesy: Dreamcloud Sleep)

On top of an expanding pool of inventive entrepreneurs, new inventions continue to surface the world of consumerism almost every day, and social media has been an active device in the equation of it all. If you’re one with a strong vision to produce something, don’t let anything slow you down or stop you altogether.

Social media reminds us there are people who listen

Stress is a cruel creature that can creep up on anyone at any time. And even if there’s so much noise online, social media has still been a very good avenue to remind people that there are people who are willing to listen; that professional help is accessible once you know who and where to turn to. Facebook has also been a strong advocate of reaching out to others and asking for help once somebody doesn’t feel okay.

There are numerous groups and pages dedicated to comforting worn out individuals and shedding light on how powerful depression can be. Whether an anxiety blanket or a shoulder to cry on, we’re never actually alone—and social media has been a very active friend to remind us about that.

Social media can introduce us to fitness groups

If you’re looking for some exercise inspiration, they’re everywhere on social media, especially on Instagram. The rise of the “Instagram model” has encouraged dozens of scholars to write about how they’ve contributed to forming fitness perspectives and one’s understanding of self-confidence. However you choose to look at it, social media has helped plenty of interesting workout starters to finally get in the groove of losing those extra pounds.

Here's how social media has led us to be healthier

Plenty of personal fitness trainers advertise their services online, too. Because of that, it’s helped bridge people and fortify services, helping not only people lose weight; but also other parties create money. If anything, social media has become an amplified directory.

Much to our advantage, there’s also a growing number of fitness groups anyone can be a part of. There are plenty of professionals and students who don’t exactly find going to the gym beneficial for them. As each of our build is different, not everyone responds well to the same types of workouts. Depending on where you live, finding group workouts that suit your body type becomes a lot easier with the help of social media. Be they yoga, cycling, or Zumba, there are several fitness groups you can join.

Social media has amplified being more eco-friendly

Our environment is struggling and it’s not exactly an exaggeration to say that the world is falling apart. There are hundreds of articles that talk about how the air isn’t as fresh as it used to be and there are tons of experts to saying how we might be running out of water in the future if we’re not careful enough.

On that note, the advocacy of saving the planet we’re in isn’t being downplayed online. Of course, our exposure to these kinds of campaigns varies depending on who our friends and followers are and what we subscribe to on social media. But that doesn’t change the fact that there is an increasing number of advocates. Events that call for volunteer work has become such a piece of cake because of Facebook. From cleaning the ocean, planting trees, and picking up trash, numerous campaigns and movements have been successful because of the reach social media covers.

People have been more conscious about the everyday things they use, too. From metal straws to wooden cutlery, more and more people are more careful in choosing what kind of materials to support.

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