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How to repurpose your content and drive more traffic [Infographic]

What do you do with your content once it’s published? When you spend so much time creating content, it only makes sense to keep using it and repurposing it to drive more results. The guys and gals over at Quuu have created this awesome infographic to show you exactly how to repurpose your content and drive more traffic to your blog and website.

How to repurpose your content and drive more traffic to your blog [Infographic]

Why repurpose your content?

There are numerous reasons why you should repurpose your content:

  • Creating content is time-consuming: make the most out of your work & save time on creating new content
  • It saves you having to constantly think of what new content to create
  • Most importantly, it helps you reach an entirely new audience: for example, someone might not read long guides, but prefer a presentation; or they might not know about your website, but they might discover your infographic on a different platform and become a fan. This way, you can publish your content on different platforms, reach more of your audience, and drive better results overall
  • Drive more traffic to your blog and website
  • Generate more shares on social media
  • And because you already know the content works

So basically, repurposing content not only saves you time, but it can actually help you boost your results.

What content can you repurpose?

Ideally, go for your best-performing content first. Use your website and social media analytics to find out:

  • Which blog posts get the most traffic consistently
  • Which social media updates get the most shares, comments, and clicks
  • Which videos generate the most views

These are the pieces of content that you should focus on and try to repurpose. Because they’re already popular, it means there’s something about them that makes people want to take action.

How can you then use this content to repurpose it?

I’m not going to go into too much detail here, as the infographic does that beautifully. But, it’s worth mentioning some of the best ways to repurpose your content:

  • Use the best quotes in your blog posts to create social media images
  • Turn your posts into infographics, videos, podcasts and presentations
  • Create how-to images & infographics based on your how-to guides
  • Create images with interesting stats from your content
  • Reuse social media content across social networks: but make sure it’s optimised for each one!
  • Create an e-book: just use your best content to put together an informative book
  • Create checklists and templates based on your most popular how-to guides: plus, these are great incentives for generating more email subscribers for your website and blog

You can pretty much find a way to repurpose any type of content, whether it’s written or visual – some might require more work (turning a post into an infographic, for example) and some will be super quick (like creating an image out of a stat or a quote), but you have the assurance that this content already works and it can get your audience interested.

But, enough of that; take a look at the infographic below – thanks to Quuu (One of my favourite content curation platforms that I definitely recommend you check out!)!


As I mentioned earlier, repurposing content is not only a great time-saver, but it can also mean better results for your business, with less work.

Do you repurpose your content? And if so, how? Let me know in the comments section below and please share 🙂

And thanks again to Quuu for this awesome infographic!

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How to repurpose your content and drive more traffic to your blog [Infographic]

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