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Productivity has always been a hot topic in business. High productivity means a padded bottom line as you utilize the resources available to you to their fullest extent. It is one of the most targeted ways in which you can boost your business without spending much extra. While you think you might be using what you have available to you to their fullest extent, there are always things you can do that will eke out a little extra. As a founder or an entrepreneur, these are the small things that can set you apart from the competition in a burgeoning market. 

Employee Well-Being 

People are at the heart of every business, across all categories. Every company has a founder that runs it, and most companies have partners and employees as well. It is imperative to keep employees happy and healthy to ensure that the workplace is somewhere they feel supported. 

An often overlooked part of the workplace support that businesses give is mental health support. The American Psychiatric Association reported as much as $44 billion is lost every year in lost productivity, with businesses losing a further $54 billion because of the side effects of mental illness. If you have a people-centered business, you should definitely look into counseling support for your employees and track the effects of the same.

Weather APIs

Have you noticed how the weather affects your business? Act on this by introducing weather APIs into your software or for your own internal use. How will knowing the weather help? Well, you can plan for delays in logistics because of severe weather conditions like rain or snow. You can make backup plans to keep your business moving in case of storms or blizzards. You can be prepared for emergencies like wildfires if your area is prone to them. 

You can even plan closures for severe weather conditions when keeping your business open will cost you more than taking a day off. Knowing these delays will also enable you to keep your clients updated about the progress of their orders and will show them that you look into every single aspect of your commitment to ensuring they get the best experience. You can look at one of the apps on this list to choose a product that works for your business. 

Communicate Correctly

Your clients need clear communication on what services or goods you provide in order for them to select you over the competition. Your employees need clear communication about their roles and responsibilities in order for them to do their job efficiently. It would be best if you had clear communication from your partners or vendors in order to run the business smoothly. This is why communication is the key to a successful business.

In this light, you need to ensure you set up proper channels and modes of communicating internally and externally. You should ensure that employees feel heard, and you should set up ways in which you can give and receive feedback so that you can keep making improvements in day to day activities. Hire experts in the field to make this happen. This can range from hiring qualified content creators, getting help from organizational psychologists to ensure you’re recruiting the right people, to using better channels of communication like Slack. 

Measure Productivity

Measuring productivity does not mean measuring how much output you can squeeze out of your employees. Endless targets and deadlines more often than not impair productivity and lower overall employee or business output. You have to strive to measure both the quality and quantity of work produced. Good workers and businesses put out reliable, consistent work that clients and consumers can trust.

There are productivity measuring tools available to do this. You can also take the help of industry experts and consultants so that solutions can be tailor-made for your business. It would be best to choose a solution that works best for you in terms of budget, practicality, usability, and suitability. 

Rethink Long-Term Clients or Products

Take a look at the customers or clients you already have. If they are not adding significantly to your bottom line and show no signs of increasing their business with you in the future, you should let them go. They are tying up your limited resources, and you will not be able to leverage them and grow. Instead, look for clients or customers who have the potential to grow bigger and are acting on that potential. Customer divestment is difficult, but it may be one of the things stopping your business from reaching its full potential. 

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