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Have you ever seen a house burning? 

When I was a kid, a house in my street caught fire. It was late at night, so it wasn’t immediately apparent what was happening. 

But once the fire trucks arrived with their sirens, you better believe eeeeeverybody in the street was outside watching. 

Being a curious kid, I shuffled my way up to the front of the small crowd that had gathered in the street. 

Right at the front, wrapped in a blanket and sitting on the back of an ambulance, was the homeowner, Mr Davis. 

He was covered in soot and bandages. Shivering uncontrollably. And crying because he had just fought one of the most powerful and dangerous elements to stop it from destroying everything he owned. 

The last thing I heard him say to the firefighter before my mother whisked me away was “I wish I’d called you earlier but I didn’t realise I needed help.” 

I still tear up a little to this day just thinking about it. 

You’ll be happy to know that Mr Davis was fine, but he did need to find a new house after that night. 

But anyway… 

This story reminds me of how some business owners act. 

They have this business that they’ve built up and that they love. 

But when a fire starts (and it will), they get so busy trying to fight it themselves that they eventually lose their energy and become overwhelmed. 

Instead of just asking for help when things can still be easily salvaged… 

They try to push through by themselves. 

Leave the firefighters out of it. 

And then they end up sitting outside, with painful burns, covered in business dust, wrapped in a blanket, crying because they have no idea if they’ll be able to come back from this. 

And usually, the biggest reason they didn’t call for help sooner is because they didn’t want anyone to think that they couldn’t handle it. 

This is where businesses fail. 

Which is where my Elite CMO offer comes in. 

The fire safety program for your business

It’s designed to put out that fire with a high-pressure hose, so you don’t have to run around with a jug of water anymore. 

It’ll also help you stop new fires from starting in your business

You’ll get access to my experience and knowledge for 6 months. 

I’ll help you put processes into place and learn how to streamline your entire business

I’ll teach you everything I know. 

Don’t let your business burn to the ground because you’re worried to ask for help. 

We all need a boost here and there. 

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