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It’s a bit of a shocking question for many entrepreneurs, like asking a woman how much she weighs or how old she is!

But it’s a valid question. The truth is, most of us don’t put our prices out upfront because we don’t want to put people off.

Then when we get them on a call, we hope to blow their socks off so they’ll be so excited to sign up they won’t care about price.

The problem is, this approach usually leads to:

  • Way too many calls
  • A low conversion rate
  • Lots of time wasted

I recently changed up the way I do things & added a full-transparency pricing page to my website.

Want to know what happened?

👇 My call volume dropped, freeing up my time for other important things

👌 The calls I do have are with serious clients who are willing to invest in their business

👆 My conversion rate has increased substantially

So despite being counter-intuitive, being upfront about price seems to have some merit to it. 

Why is that?

Well, nobody likes being sold to. If they’re interested in your service but can’t find your price on your website, they come into the call already expecting to be sold to… Which means they’re already on the defensive.

I believe people should buy on transformation & outcome, rather than price. But in reality, price (& how transparent you are about it) has the potential to change people’s minds.

I’ve found that being honest about pricing is the best way to go. Here’s why:

  • It saves everyone time
  • It shows your confidence in your skill and service
  • You avoid wasting time on people who will never buy
  • You develop a reputation as an honest business person (& are more likely to attract similar-minded clients)
  • It helps you stand out in a saturated market

In my 17+ years as an entrepreneur, I’ve seen the best conversion rate since I started being upfront about my prices.

I’m also working with more & more people who are serious about scaling their business & putting in the hard work.

What are your thoughts? Would you make the switch from hiding behind calls to proudly displaying your prices?

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