The Essentials of Business Translation

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The Essentials of Business Translation

It is an era of globalization. There are thousands of languages that are spoken around the globe. To be a part of global business and to expand your business across borders, it is essential to communicate with your business partners in their native language. There are specific terminologies that are used in business translation which are according to their target market. Here the question rises how you communicate all facets of your business from HR to compliance and sales to marketing across the borders?

Business translation is required in correspondence with your global partners like problem-solving with export departments and marketing products overseas and communicating with foreign authorities. Simply put, multilingual communication is important.

Many global companies try to hire bilingual and multilingual employees so that they can communicate well in day to day back-end operations. There are some areas where business translation can make or break your global image. For instance, marketing and corporate communications, operations, housekeeping, and compliance documents need flawless translation for seamless communication with foreign business partners, clients, and prospects.


Different Department of Business

Marketing and Corporate Communications

For better execution of your business, you cannot deny the importance of seamless marketing and corporate communication. Marketing material should be designed in such a manner that it can attract global customers. This notion is not valid only for native marketing material but also for multilingual marketing material. If your marketing material does not resonate with your global market then you will not be able to win your share from global business. Moreover, your digital marketing assets also need to be translated in multilingual languages.

Corporate communication is required to attract investors and shareholders who require accurate and precise releases and reporting. Non-professional translation will hamper investors and companies to invest in your business. Therefore, to avoid any hassle, it is better to take professional business translation services.



Although people can’t see the files of operational documentation that make global business execution possible, these documents must be translated accurately in the official language for recordkeeping purposes. These documents include invoices, packaging lists, product packaging, power of attorney forms, and import and export declaration forms, etc. If these documents are not written properly it will cause a problem in normal operations of your business. If any legal authority or corporate compliance authority decides to conduct an audit, precise documentation with seamless translation will make a positive impact. No doubt people can’t see the files of operational documentation that make global b.



For any business, an external audit such as customs audit, tax audit, or HR audit, if you provide them with professionally translated documents from foreign subsidiaries, it will make your audit easy. Usually, custom audits require a lot of paperwork from both importers and exporters which is related to how and where the imported goods are manufactured and what type of financial and service agreements, the parties have with each other and paperwork regarding the company’s compliance with import and export laws. The documents which are provided by suppliers are usually in another language and need to be translated. Error in these types of documents is harmful to your business which can fail the audit and cost you a fortune.


Business Translation Concerns

Specific Business Terminologies

The language which is used in business and law is different from the language used in our daily life. The business documents include several industry-specific words. Any mistranslation of such business terminologies can alter the meaning and have havoc results.

While doing business translation it is necessary to understand the target market and the laws of the target country. It becomes more difficult when you are dealing with patents and specialized fields. Inappropriate terminology can cause the patent to be rejected and challenged in law. Therefore, it is vital to take professional assistance from industry experts to get the official documents translated with high accuracy.


Symbols & Culture

Unreal cultural depiction can have significant results. It can lead to awkwardness or disgrace. Therefore, cultural significance should be kept in mind while translating business documents. Metaphors, boundaries, and ideas are not the same in all languages and cultures. These elements should be taken into account for localized translation.



Many business documents are time-bound. Business documents which are not translated on time are invalidated. Hence, it is important to keep the timeline in mind while translating the documents. And if you are outsourcing translation to some professional service provider, give them a safe deadline to avoid any negative consequences.



The business and legal documents are private. You should make sure that your translation services are scrutinized by quality assurance and ensure the privacy of business documents. The leakage of private information could be injurious to a business and marketing campaign. Therefore, you should go for such a language service provider that ensures complete confidentiality. You can also ask them to sign NDAs if some critical information needs translation.


Legal System

Every country has a legal system. Many countries who speak identical languages have different legal languages and laws. For example the United States, Canada, and England. Your business translator must be aware of prevailing legal practices in which your documents need to be used and filed.


Why You Need Professional Business Translation Services

No doubt, bilingual and multilingual employees are a significant part of daily communication and day to day operations. But, professional business translators have prior experience in their field and they know how to accurately and precisely convey a message in the target language.

Furthermore, different communication mediums require different writing styles and methods. Also, Industry-specific terminology is important for creating industry and company-specific glossaries which can further ensure brand consistency.

Many Professional translators have prior careers in different industries and subject matter experts ensure the quality and accuracy of business translation. Simply stated,  in order to handle the complexities of official documents translation, hiring a professional translation company like Mars Translation is the best possible solution.


 Bottom Line

Impeccable business translation requires Investment. When you start allocating resources for business translation you will start reaping profitable results.

With state of the art professional translation, you can expand your business across boundaries, enhance your company’s reputation and you can maintain more articulate records for any audit inquiry in the future.

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