Why Content Marketing Is The Heart Of Your Customer Acquisition Strategy

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Why Content Marketing Is The Heart Of Your Customer Acquisition Strategy

Devising your Business’s Customer Acquisition Strategy? Look what Content Marketing Pays You In It

Do you have any idea about Digital Marketing and its channels?

Well, marketing on digital grounds encompasses all those efforts made over electronic devices(either offline or online) and applying its strategies into your business includes a lot of elements out of which, content marketing has a powerful roleplay.

Everybody holds a generic view of marketing, but when it comes to communicating with today’s consumers, you’d have hardly heard about content advertising or may have heard from someone or might have read it. Though the word seems to be simple, it is often overlooked with a set of queries like is it just a fad or just a cool-sounding buzzword? Could it really help achieve objectives? And so on….

Out of the wide spectrum of Digital Marketing, let me help you get the insights of how content-oriented promotional approach can help you allure and retain a clearly-defined audience.

Content Marketing..?

Content Marketing is that integral facet of advertising that allures and acquires users by providing them with the original content that answers the questions of users and prospects, in common. This part is where you can surely win the hearts and minds of people and build a relationship with your target audience.

Listening to the word content doesn’t imply to write a piece of article haphazardly, to increase the figures for your posts or social media feeds, instead write something useful to benefit an individual reading it. Take an example of Instagram, which was built with an aim to deliver information to the public, however, ended up becoming an advertising platform eventually. So never go off track and be in place to serve the objective

As everything is revolving around ‘Content’, so how it should be from the audience point of view? Take a look

Valuable: people coming across your blogs or videos must be acknowledged with something of actual worth, with a feeling that they have learned something valuable or been entertained in a way that is homologous to their lives.

Relevant: your representations or services must address customers queries, wants, concerns and pain points for which you can stand firmly to answer them. Exhibit your offerings, making them realise that you understand what’s interesting, relevant, entertaining and engaging.

Consistent:  consistent and persistent are the traits which will make you recognisable, instantly. Your data’s look, feel, tone and substance should voice the same your organisations work on, giving you an edge over others.

The power of your words, including the above features combined appropriately with digital techniques, comes into play driving profitable customer action, thereby.

Content Marketing techniques generally involve the creation and promotion of valuable and motivational content that helps improve the performance of its reader benefitting him as a whole whether a marketer or a quester.

Few platforms that can play a part, bringing close to your intent solving problems include:

  • Blog posts.
  • Ebooks and whitepapers.
  • Infographics.
  • Online brochures
  • Videos
  • Case studies
  • Interviews
  • Social media posts
  • GIFs and memes

Wondering Why Content Advertising is Significant!

To Customers-

The conventional way of a product‘s promotion is the old school which hardly gets a response from users. Customers both, B2B and B2C, want good content that helps them make good decisions. Some figures from Marketo say:

  • 81% of shoppers research online prior to shop from a store.
  • An average of 79 days is spent by customers researching the web before buying.

To Business-

Effective content builds a robust customer-client relationship while avoiding ‘hard-sell’ tactics. Company’s articles and information gain trust in the majority by highlighting the central points affecting your prospects.

Well crafted content:

  • draws more traffic( to websites, social accounts..)
  • boosts performance
  • attract visitors
  • turn readers to customers
  • attract inbound links
  • and a lot more…

A source of information shows, how impactful is Online Content Marketing to outstretch your brand to the greatest audience possible.

To Search Engines-

Why does anybody search Google? To get solutions of any type and form.

Here comes the best opportunity to grab when these potential seekers can become your consumers. The need here arises to establish workable SEO(search engine optimisation) strategies and plans to get the top ranking of your website.

Google aims at rewarding good quality, thereby punishing the bad one. So in order to maintain a stable existence on the big search engine outcomes, publishing raw and fresh content and updating the priors becomes an hourly need.

Write for the reader first, using keywords and its synonyms to generate user-friendly and SEO friendly data.

Content Marketing Centers One’s Emotions

The world is louder and noisier, but any kind of information can be found in milliseconds on the Big Google. Unlike the past and more than ever before, people want to feel that you actually care for them and the same can be efficiently achieved via your promotional content.

We always ponder, how and why some content( texts, images, videos, posts..) goes viral and reach the apex. The ruling attribute behind is- ‘spectators emotional needs linked directly or indirectly’. Up till now, we have just focussed on the trends of optimisation for expecting mass attention, desperately. But it’s not enough, emotions, feelings, obligations, sense of belonging all these matters in our day and age.

There is a trick to tap into these psychic traits which are the must-haves of content marketing strategies.

To escalate Brand Awareness: the article should be compelling and engaging the reader’s thought expression to the extent that they will want to share it.

To promote Links: use sales psychology and neuroscience to stimulate human reflexes to have a call for action resultantly solving their issues through the product purchase.

It’s Merely to Educate the Audience

Content has a knob to set its frequency from simple to complex, knowledgeable to futile, and feeble to powerful giving you the freedom to adjust accordingly. In advertising, keeping yourself aside you need to create valuable content to be delivered to the audience irrespective of the type.

You can come up to the expectation of masses by dispensing highly informative content that enables them to learn, grow, and improve in some way. And when your brand provides that information, you’re providing an education which ultimately, is a precious service.

Imparting knowledge via Content Marketing can take forms like:

  • practical (how-tos and tutorials)
  • theoretical (deep dives into specific subjects)
  • brand-specific (product information and features)

So don’t delay and get started with this clever promotional strategy following the Wise words of Zig Zagler.

A Universal Phenomenon

Considering all digital marketing components, content marketing is ubiquitous.

The aspect works successfully for all sectors and industries covering the two significant audience verticals namely B2B (business-to-business) and B2C (business-to-consumer). Selling a product to a business versus selling a product to a consumer becomes a challenge to overcome to fulfil the motives of these two differentials.

B2C oriented data needs some entertaining and amusing content to get engaged with the marketers, on the flipside, B2B centred data relates with business tie-ups, competitions, and other rational concerns emphasising on their market value.

Information sought for any of the purposes is addressed effectively and efficiently with various marketing tools and solutions tailored for the general public as well as a specific niche of business.

Other Profits to Gain:

-Generates Leads to Business

Trade and Business grow with the growth of your leads. With leads aligned in a way, the buy and sell concept runs smooth whereby content marketing allows interacting with unknowns to reach you by the useful and informative data you provide.

-Enhanced Organic Visibility

Being searched for is the elementary and the combined SEO and content advertising efforts helps you to get exposed to your new prospects and clients.

Nowadays, it is commonly seen that sites drive more than half of their organic traffic from content oriented pages, therefore being seen and noticeable by the diversity.

-Feed Other Channels too

To name a few- SMS marketing, email marketing, mobile marketing, social media marketing all these rudiments of digital marketing are somewhere or the other driven by the competency of content.

Content is the bait on the hook that drags people towards your services making all your links, sign-ups, follows, blogs, posts, SMSs, emails of real worth.

-Works Long After Publishing






These are few traits of an evergreen content that retains and remains consistent on Google’s index for a prolonged period of time potentially hauling new visitors and guests monthly, weekly or even daily. Moreover, expanding, updating and republishing the evergreen articles further ensures their accuracy and relevancy.

-Targets Niche Public Sectors

Marketing is to satiate that very specific need your customer has. The better you understand your audience and their wants, better will be your developed content pieces forged.

Targeting micro subsets of the masses requires considerable planning, strategic approach, and segmentation in order to appeal them and stand out. Though an effort is required but creating niche content to satisfy customers is something seem to be feasible applying content marketing tactics.

Words to Takeaway :

Content and its promotional ways will not cease their growth anytime soon and are only going to expand exponentially with soaring competition and quality. For online businesses trailing forward, content marketing plays a vital role in stretching your brand worldwide and those not executing its principles will be left behind surely.

A quality focussed content is preferred and essential compared over its quantity; hefty gains will come from proactive distribution and promotion of content delivering content led campaigning.

You must have invested a great amount of time and money in your business expansion to get it to where it is today, so delve into proper content marketing now, and it will reward you for years to come.

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