Adding Personal Touches to Your Business Blog Contents

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Adding Personal Touches to Your Business Blog Contents

Having a blog as part of a bigger content marketing campaign is important for businesses. One of the ways you can attract traffic to your business site is by sharing valuable content that users actually enjoy reading. Of course, with the market being as competitive as it is today, bringing value alone is not enough. You have to be willing to go the extra mile.

Your business blog can stand out from the crowd with some personal touches. You want the audience to recognize the personalized key messages you are trying to convey, and the way to do that is by making the blog content very personal. To help you get started with adding personal touches to your content, here are the tips and tricks you can use.

Business blog contents: how to that personal touch

Develop a Style

One of the first things the audience will recognize as they consume your content is the style in which your content is delivered. The way content is written, the specific words you use frequently in your articles, and even the way you address the audience all matter.

Developing a style is the easy part. You can work on fine-tuning your articles to stick to a particular style that works best with the audience. Even details about the article can be adjusted and refined to suit this purpose.

The challenging part is remaining consistent with a style that has been developed. This takes some time and persistence, as well as insights and evaluation. Start with one or two posts, measure audience engagement and reactions, and continue from there.

Add Faces

Writing as a business is more difficult in today’s content marketing landscape, but that’s not the approach you are limited to at all. In fact, it is much better to write as a person, even though you are sharing content for the purpose of promoting a business.

The audience relates better to people as opposed to brands. Rather than writing as a business, you can actually write as the owner of the business. Even better, you can have the people behind your business produce content for a wider audience.

Adding faces to the content you share on your business blog is also beneficial for the brand. You can convey brand values and corporate culture better by getting more employees or team members involved in a bigger content marketing campaign.

Share Personal Stories

Sticking to getting more team members involved, another way to add personal touches to your business blog is by sharing personal stories. Not all of your blog content needs to be about the business or the products you offer. It is okay to share personal experiences and stories, particularly stories that will benefit the audience in some ways.

For example, you can share your journey towards getting an online MBA degree from Suffolk University as a business owner. A lot of business owners and professionals are considering getting an online degree themselves, and they can really learn from your personal experience.

Other stories and experiences can be just as valuable to the right audience. Stories behind product development, stories about how the logistics team deliver products to the market, and other details about business operations – told from a personal perspective – are very interesting.

Use Perspective

That actually brings us to our next tip: use your personal perspective. The way you tell a story and the point of view you take are just as important as the story itself. The more personal your perspective is, the more relatable the story will be to the audience.

Perspective is a powerful storytelling tool. You can, for example, tell the story of new product development from multiple perspectives. You, as the business owner, have your own perspective. The people in marketing, manufacture, and other parts of the company have their own.

Can you see how different perspectives can make a simple story more exciting to follow? It adds continuity and uniqueness to the whole thing, separating your brand from the competition while conveying teamwork as a key value of your business.

Be Consistent

Last but not least, make sure you post content regularly for the audience to enjoy. Rather than posting two or three articles at once and not posting anything for two weeks, you can generate higher audience engagement by scheduling those three articles at regular intervals.

Consistency is the last tip to keep in mind. Combined with a unique style that the audience can recognize, people within the company telling stories and sharing personal experiences, and the multitude of perspectives used to get the audience engaged, adding personal touches to your business blog content will not be a challenge at all.

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