The 3 Best Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Site

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The 3 Best Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Site

Owning an online business can be a lot of work, especially when there seems to be a brand new term or tactic every single day. From SEO to CRO to CTA, it can all get a bit confusing.

An easy way to overcome these feelings of confusion is by recognizing that all online businesses are after the same thing: site visitors. Site visitors create customers, and customers create sales. There are many ways you can go about driving traffic to your site that don’t require you to understand the dictionary definition of every online business term. Get back to basics and demystify the world of E-Commerce.

You may want to consider using a service such as Bluelight to optimize your online presence. But in the meantime, here are the three best ways to increase the amount of people that visit your site. You can use all of these tactics today, starting right now.


1 . Make Use of Google Adwords


If you aren’t already aware, Google Adwords (or just Adwords) is a service provided by the all-powerful search engine, Google. It allows your advertisements to appear in search listings when particular keywords are used.

For instance, if you ran a bakery in Perth, you could bid on the necessary keywords so that whenever someone searched ‘Perth bakery,’ your website would pop up right at the top.

You’ll see these ads countless times if you ever use Google. They’re the ones at the top of search results that have the little green ‘Ad’ sign next to them. Due to how many millions of people use Google every single day, they can be a pretty fantastic way to drive traffic.

The best bit? You only pay your bid amount if your ad gets clicked, so you only part with any money once your ad has actually served its purpose. Win-win!


2 . Social Media is Your Best Friend


It’s 2020, meaning basically everyone owns a social media account in some capacity at this point. That means there’s a whole network of people that you could be converted into customers. That is, if you get them to visit your site.

How do you tap into social media? Well, there are two key approaches:

  • The first approach is to build a rapport with your audience. Post things you know your clientele would be interested in. This will boost shares and lead to more like-minded people naturally, which only increases your pool of customers.
  • The second approach, and the more traditional, is through classic advertising. Google isn’t the only digital behemoth weighing in on the ads game. Instagram and Facebook both have advertisement programs available, and these platforms can bring tremendous results. You’ll see a huge difference in the amount of people that visit your website.


3 . Write Compelling Headlines


Away from advertising and fancy Google banners for just a moment, we need to talk about what’s actually on your site.

How do your headers read? Are they interesting, or pretty basic?

It’s important that you have a truthful response to this question, because site design isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s about your message.

By creating compelling copy throughout your website, you provide your visitors with something worth sticking around for. Even more importantly, you give potential new customers reason to be intrigued.

A header like ‘Bakery in Perth’ isn’t going to spark any excitement, but something like ‘The Greatest Baked Goods in Perth’ paints a more appetizing image.

Be mindful of how you’re selling your products. You know your products are great, but your customers don’t, so convince them!

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