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The term “Portable Document Format” may be unfamiliar to some; however, “PDF” may be familiar. Yes, both are the same. PDF is a widely used document format that has been used in every sector of business.

The evolution of PDF is not recent; the format appeared in the early 90s. The reason for its creation was to maintain documents’ authenticity. Previously, when transferring a file, the format of the file became changed due to differences in computers and their operating systems. The original file would lose its authenticity because of the format change. For this reason, a new format was developed which behaves the same on any machine or any operating system.That format is known as PDF.

Using PDF, one can maintain the client’s information, create and manage invoices, send proposals, and other documentation processes. No matter which computer the file gets opened in, the format of the file remains intact.

If you still believe in following a traditional work culture with paper documents, we hope this article will convince you of the benefits of PDF for your business

Format Maintained Throughout

Yes, you can create and manage documents by using a standard word-processor; however, the same problem remains. It means when opened from a different machine that uses a different operating system, a file can lose its authenticity if it was created by word-processor. Also, if the file has any graph or image in it, then changing the format can corrupt the image or create confusion.

If PDF format is used, then there’s no chance of the formatting getting changed. This means that there’s no chance of any complications or confusion. Another great benefit is that the PDF files are always ready for printing so that one can print the required files anytime without hampering the format.

Nowadays, scanning software which can convert any paper document into PDF format directly is widely available.

Universal Format

The PDF format is accepted worldwide. The data in the PDF file is easy to view and quite straightforward to share. It doesn’t matter if you are sharing a PDF file with a person in the same office as you or with someone residing on another continent; the format always stays the same.

If you need to, you also have the option of using an online PDF editor to alter a file or convert it to a different format, such as Microsoft Word.

Small File Size

Even if a file is of high quality, PDF files are always smaller in size when compared to any other file formats. This doesn’t mean that PDF damages the file quality. PDF simply compresses the data into smaller sizes without damaging the quality of the files. This YouTube video will teach you about how does PDF compression works. This means that companies that have access to limited storage resources can fully utilize the storage space of the hard disks.

File Security

Every company has some confidential and private documents, and securing those documents can be a major concern. Even storing these paper documents in a secure facility cannot guarantee that they’ll be completely safe. Digitizing the files and converting them to PDF format is an excellent security measure. PDF files can be encrypted and shared in “read-only” format so that no one can change the file’s content except the author. It is recommended that while securing PDF files with passwords, no easily guessable password should be used. A secure and robust password means a mixture of these symbols:

  • Mixing capital and small letters
  • One special character
  • One number

The passwords should be changed on a regular basis for added security.

Format Supported by Any OS

As mentioned earlier, every operating system, whether it is MAC or Windows, supports the PDF format. Even when the work process has transformed and gone more remote, one can access digital files from a smartphones too. Also, if the mobile operating system differs (iOS or Android), the same file can be opened from any device. The receiver would not have any problem with opening the file or while reading the content of the data. 

Compatible with Non-text Elements

Adding an image, or footnotes or any links are some of the benefits of using digital documents which are never possible in the case of paper documents. As it has already been mentioned, no image or notes get corrupted or changed while the file is opened from any other device (PC, laptop, mobile or tablet). Any link can also be opened from the PDF file itself. There’s no need for copying the link and opening it from the browser. 

PDF is Here to Stay

Though PDF is not a recent file format, it is still one of the most popular file formats and has been accepted and appreciated globally. Of course, technology is indeed creating something new every day, but creating an alternative for PDF is still not going to happen soon. Investing in PDF is one of the best decisions that an owner of any organization can take.

To sum up, it can be said that PDF is without question one of the best formats. The benefits of PDF should not surprise anyone because digital documents do provide effective solutions. Managing documents, securing them, and sending them while maintaining privacy was never possible when OS and different computers were essential factors. So, shift without further delay to a paperless system and embrace the benefits of using PDF for your business.

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7 Significant Benefits of Using PDF for Business

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