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8 Reasons Using Promotional Products is Essential for Sales Growth

Growing your sales as a company is crucial to staying afloat, and pushing ahead of the competition. A huge part of sales growth relies on making your brand as visible and well-known as possible. Doing so can help bring new customers in, and will help you retain previous customers as well. Marketing with promotional items that people will use in their day-to-day lives is one of the most affordable, reliable ways to achieve your sales growth goals. To help you understand more clearly, here are eight critical reasons that using promotional products in your marketing efforts is essential for sales growth: 

1. Longevity is Key

Useful promotional items are more likely to be used by those you’re gifting them to. With wearable promo items, in particular, you can get your brand in front of thousands of public eyes if your audience likes the gift enough. Branded polo shirts and other fashionable promo items can help you create a valuable walking billboard to represent your brand. Promotional items have extreme longevity, so make sure to invest in the practice now. Branded polo shirts and other fashionable promo items

2. Boosting Brand Exposure 

Speaking of walking billboards, giving away promotional merchandise is ultimately all about getting dirt cheap organic advertising out into the real world. Whether it be pens, stress balls, shirts, or some other creative promo item, they can get your brand’s name and logo into the minds of people who would have otherwise never known about your amazing company. The amount of time you’ll save on more complex advertising strategies by using promo gift marketing will allow you to massively increase the productivity of your employees as well. 

3. It’s Tactile

Because you can actually touch promo merchandise, it has a more tactile psychological effect on the people you’re reaching out to (much more so than a promo email would, for example). Taking advantage of this feature is important, and this is the key reason why stress balls have become one of the most popular promo items that major companies brand their logo onto. Plus, how doesn’t love squeezing a stress ball during tense times at work? 

4. Boosting Customer Loyalty 

Promotional items show your customers that you care. Customer retention is the ultimate goal of any successful company, and promotional items that actually excite them are a great tool for creating loyal customers. If they are using their promo product regularly, they will be more likely to come to you for the specialized products and services you offer next time that they’re looking to spend some of their hard-earned cash. 

5. Crafting Resonance 

In addition to making customers more likely to come to you when they’re ready to spend money, promotional items can help them feel more emotionally connected to your brand. When you’re physically using a product over and over again, your personality and feelings become intermingled with it. If that product also happens to have your brand emblazoned on it, you’ll pierce the psyche of your customer base in a successful, friendly, and healthy manner. 

6. Marketing Variety 

Undertaking a variety of marketing strategies and operations at once is always a good idea. Variety in your marketing efforts ensures that you can have a higher chance of finding success, after all. Promotional marketing can be used in tandem with social media marketing in an especially useful fashion – so be sure to brainstorm how to transfer your customer’s excitement about their promo item into a social media post that will enormously expand your brand’s visibility. 

7. Deepening Your Reach

Each one of these steps helps you reach the goal of deepening the reach of your brand. Spreading the image of your brand, and the public’s knowledge of your products and services is a top priority of any successful business. With promotional items, you can use creative strategies to quickly expand your reach into depths that you’ve likely never even dreamt of before. Additionally, combining your promo marketing efforts with pop-up shops in well-targeted locations can be incredibly useful in boosting your brand’s reach and influence! 

8. Cost-Effectiveness 

One of the most magical aspects of promotional merchandise marketing is how incredibly affordable it is. By buying in bulk, you can get quality promo items to give out for a budget-friendly price. As you expose your brand to thousands upon thousands of new eyes in the public sphere via the promotional items you’re giving out, you’ll quickly forget about the small investment you had to make. 

Use Creativity in Your Promo Marketing Efforts

Being creative with the products you brand and give out is key to making your promotional item marketing efforts a success. With the right grit and a solid knowledge of what type of gifts your audience will cherish, you’ll be investing in marketing that will provide a stellar ROI, and which will greatly boost your company’s sales growth.

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