6 Ways to Turn Your Online Side Hustle into a Full-time Gig

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6 Ways to Turn Your Online Side Hustle into a Full-time Gig(1)

Have you been working diligently on your side hustle for a while now? Maybe you’ve been able to generate decent supplemental income to help you go on vacations or splurge on the things you love. However, it’s not enough money to create a full-time gig.

What if we showed you some steps that you could take to actually become your own full-time boss? Turning a side hustle into a full-time gig is going to take work and dedication. But, these six tips can will help you transition from working two jobs to running your own business.

1) Balance Your Books

First things first, how does your money situation look? If you have any debt, you’ll want to focus on that before starting your shift from 9-to-5 to freelance.

Don’t worry. Most people start with debt. As long as you craft an action plan, you’ll be able to pay it off while simultaneously thinking about making your side hustle the fulltime job. 

For those without debt, do a deep dive into your budget. Determine the bare minimum you need to survive and then put any extra into a savings account dedicated to your business. 

2) Hire a Consulting Firm

Once you’ve determined your budget for your online business, it’s time to put the funds into making it work. You’ll want to invest wisely in a team that will bring your business profit.

Consider hiring a consulting firm to determine where to take your business. Agencies like A to Z Management Consulting will help you move from a small side gig to a full-time freelance business. 

3) Outsource Work

Once you start to see traction with your business, you’ll want to consider outsourcing:

  • Those who started a blog should look into inviting guest writers to post articles on the site. You can start small, ask a fellow blogger to write an essay for your blog in exchange for you composing a piece for their website. From there, you’ll start to garner interest and gain a more extensive readership. 
  • If you run an online store, you can reach out to affiliate blogs and social media influencers to get more recognition for your merchandise. You can even hire designers and artists to draw logos and art for you. 

4) Automate Whatever Processes You Can

Automation makes the life of any online entrepreneur easier. If you run a store on the internet, dealing with payments and confirmations takes an enormous chunk of time.

Rather than wading through emails every time a customer makes a purchase, consider automating purchases. For bloggers, you’ll want to automate the revenue that comes from ads or affiliate posts. 

The less you have to worry about the flow of money, the better. Once you aren’t stressing over the funds, you can put your mind to the expansion of your business. 

5) Market the Hell Out of It

When you are turning your side hustle into a full-time business, you want to get the word out. You want to get enough people interested and talking so that you build a decent client base.

The best strategy here is to market wisely rather than excessively. Target an audience that you are confident will be interested in your content/products. Utilize social media platforms that will reach ready-to-buy consumers fastest. 

6) Get Ready to Put in Some Work

Turning your side gig into a full-time business is a rewarding experience, but it takes some serious grit and determination. Get ready to buckle down and work hard to make your business flourish. Balance steadfast work with mental health breaks to see success. 

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