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5 ways to leverage your loyalty programme to gain feedback

How effective is your loyalty programme? If you don’t know, then you should probably take another look at it. Loyalty programmes are great tools for gaining valuable insights into customer behaviour and improving future marketing strategies.

A customer loyalty programme is a tool that rewards customers for their repeat purchases, and can be a great addition to your business. These programmes are usually free or low cost for the customer to join,  and they allow businesses to track customer spending habits and reward them accordingly.

Implementing a loyalty programme offers plenty of benefits – as well as a chance to gain feedback. Some of the main perks include:

  • Gain Insight into Customer Behaviour

One of the main benefits of a customer loyalty programme is that it allows businesses to gain valuable insights into how their customers behave. This information can help businesses make decisions about what products and services to offer, which will ultimately lead to increased profits. Data from your loyalty programme can also be used to identify trends in your customer base, such as whether certain products have higher than average returns, or if there are any particular days when your customers tend to return.

You may also want to analyse your customer behaviour over time, so you can see if changes in your marketing strategy are having an impact on your bottom line. For example, if you notice that people who receive discounts during the summer months tend to spend less money overall, this could indicate that your discounting strategy isn’t working.

  • Increase Sales

Another benefit of a loyalty programme is its ability to increase sales. When customers feel rewarded for their loyalty, they’re much more likely to buy again.

The best way to encourage repeat purchases is by offering incentives. You can do this through loyalty points, vouchers, cash back, or other types of rewards.

  • Gain Feedback

When used correctly, a loyalty programme can be very useful for helping you to gain real customer feedback, and this is invaluable in helping your business to grow and expand.

How Can I Gain Feedback From My Loyalty Programme?

One of the main perks of a loyalty programme is to gain feedback from customers, and this can be achieved in a number of ways:

  • Surveys & Questionnaires

A survey can be a useful way to gather feedback from your customers and can be incorporated into your loyalty programme through offering extra points or perks in exchange for feedback – this means that your customers benefit, and you still receive the feedback you need.

  • Customer Reviews

Your customers can provide reviews of your product or service directly within your loyalty programme, which you can then use to improve your offerings. These reviews can include ratings, comments, and even photos of the product being reviewed.

  • Email

Email newsletters are another great way to keep in touch with your customers and can also be used to send out surveys or questionnaires. Your customers can opt-in to receiving emails from you, and you can collect responses via email in exchange for a specific loyalty perk.

Final Thoughts

A loyalty programme is a real no-brainer for businesses looking to build a bank of loyal, returning customers -and has the added bonus of helping you to receive the feedback that you need to grow and expand.

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