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3 Ways You Can Make Your Visual Content Stand Out 

Visual content is an essential method of capturing the attention of your audience. With most networking platforms utilizing video marketing strategies, staying up-to-date with video trends is crucial. 

Some video content on its own may not cut it if you want to make memorable and eye-catching posts, but there are ways you can improve your video posts and make them as compelling as possible. Of course, different target audiences will connect and relate to different messages, but here are some universal measures you can take to make your videos pop. 

1. Make It Unique 

Consumers have a world of options at their fingertips, whether for entertainment, news, fashion, etc. To catch their attention, make your content unique to your business, but most importantly, your brand. 

Today’s most popular brands have a particular signature or style that is immediately recognizable. One way you can do this for your brand is through customized merchandise. 

Many believe the product design industry is complicated and long-winded when it’s easy. Companies such as The/Studio let you create designs from the comfort of the sofa on your phone. 

Here’s where your video content comes into play. Marketing your new merchandise via video is a great way to promote the brand and visually show your audience its unique side. 

2. Ensure Your Images Represent Your Audience 

While images can say a thousand words in one post, that’s not to say each of your audience members will receive the same message. Those users who don’t feel represented in the videos you publish may not connect with the intended message or relate to it in the way you wanted. 

You must keep in mind the importance of diversity in your visual stories. Diversity doesn’t need to become the main narrative, but by normalizing representation, it will become a standard part of the creative process. 

Maryville University states within its guide to diversity that when people recognize themselves within your messages and content, they’re more likely to respond. So, diversify your marketing content for the best results. 

3. Utilize Fan Work

Because your audience is already taking selfies and filming content, why not use their work? 

Instead of having your content interrupt your audiences, you could utilize the videos they’re currently publishing. By including their creative work in your marketing campaign, fans will enjoy seeing their faces represent the brand. 

Not only will they advertise for you, but they can also communicate news and special offers without you publishing your content. 

Teen Vogue has an account of how Abercrombie and Fitch revitalized their brand using fan content on TikTok. One fan video received over 1 million views! Make fan work work to your advantage.

Stand Out

You can make your content fresh and exciting in three simple ways. If consumers can relate and interact with your visual stories or other audience members, your content will become memorable and engaging. 

Make it routine to include diversity, keep true to your brand, and involve your fans in the process. 

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