The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Modern Businesses

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The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Modern Businesses

Artificial intelligence and its affiliated technologies are transforming modern businesses with incredible solutions. Things are getting changed- chatbots have taken over the traditional customer support, machines are replacing human from industries etc.

“A PwC report reveals that by the end of 2030, almost 38 percent of human jobs will be replaced by robots.”

The advanced AI algorithms like pattern analysis, predictive analytics, neural network etc., can be easily understood by joining the Artificial Intelligence Certification. Here, one can explore the key features of this technology and its implementation in real-world scenarios. Let’s explore why this technology is getting so much human attention.

The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Modern Businesses:

Manufacturing Industries:

The role of AI in the manufacturing industry is getting bigger every day. The connected devices used in manufacturing industry gathered a significant amount of information every minute. Most of the operations in manufacturing units are automated with sensors, mass flow meters, actuators, and multiple other assets. Thus, companies can prevent hazardous events eliminating human hand from them.

Data collected from machinery and other assets can be very helpful in predictive maintenance of them. A quality team can check when an asset needs maintenance or replacement through their performance and other internal devices.

AI also assist industries in streamlining their operations and processes to achieve maximized throughput. By analyzing the collected information from various data sources and feeding them to machine learning models, companies can understand their loose ends and improve that area in operations or processes. In return, they can improve the whole working procedure of the business.

In supply and distribution, AI help organizations to track all their assets and goods so that they can reduce the case of product loss or theft.

By tracking the whole market demand data, companies can speed up or down production process to meet the overall market demand. Also, they can manage inventory to deliver goods on right time.

FinTech Sector:

The financial technology sector faces a huge loss due to fraudulent activities due to lack in their working process. In traditional banking services, there were thousands of risks involved in online transactions, credit cards, loans etc. But now, the smart AI algorithms with pattern analysis capability tracks the record of a customer before availing the loans or credit cards to a customer.

Banks have the complete data of a customer from their behavior and historical records such as their assets, house, bank statements, previous loans etc.

By leveraging this data, banks can decide which person can return their lended money on time. Similarly, by recognizing anomalies in transactions, FinTech organizations can identify the fraudulent scenarios in their operations.

The insurance sector is also getting best of AI. The latest CRM tools and historical data of lead help executives to offer the best plans to their customers. These tools already contain all the useful data for closing deal effectively. Also, data collected from these resources include customer background information, bank details asset details, job description etc., thus, executives can help customers to increase their income through an insured journey.

Healthcare Analytics:

The healthcare has seen the best of AI in the past few years. Doctors are using advanced application for providing a better cure to their patients. The healthcare sector generates a significant amount of information every day. By providing this data to AI models which have the potential to analyze it, doctors can get the desired information. It provides useful insights so that a doctor can make quick and accurate decisions in treatment.

Also, the powerful tools like IBM Watson have emerged as an incredible resource for diagnosis and various other medical tasks. It has marked its presence in performing complex medical research, finding the cure for diseases like cancer and various other helpful tasks.

Autonomous vehicle:

The concept of an autonomous vehicle is nothing new as companies like Tesla, Google and GM are already into it. In 2012, the Waymo project of Google presents the driverless car to prevent road accidents like cases. Also, driverless cars are very unique in various terms. It can be very beneficial for product delivery right on time.

Thus, we can see how AI has expanded its leg in almost every sector of the economic corridor. Soon, most of the tasks in agriculture, avionics, automotive, retail etc., will change enhancing their growth.


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