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How to Build Wealth on a Limited Income

Acquiring wealth is something that everyone desires, but not many people understand the hard work and discipline it takes, thus exposing them to get-rich-quick-rich schemes. 

Growing wealth needs some sort of discipline and having a plan to help you achieve your goals. This post will walk you through ways you can build wealth on a limited income. 

1. Live Within Your Means

It is generally not a good idea to spend more than you have because this could pile up debts for you. 

While going beyond your budget or maxing out your credit cards sounds harmless in the short term, it is a mistake that could cause financial dents in the long run. 

According to research, 40% of Americans spend up to half of their income servicing debts, disrupting their retirement plans. 

This is why you should always strive to spend less than you earn to save more and prepare adequately for your retirement. 

2. Start Early

By saving early, you take advantage of compound interest, which can help you generate a sizable interest over time.

For example, if you start saving as early as 18 by investing about $100 monthly, with a 10% annual interest, you’ll have a net of about $1.7 million by the time you retire. However, if you start investing at 40, you’ll need to save $950 monthly to bridge the gap, which is about ten times what you’d need at 18.

This is a strategy that most people ignore, yet an important one that you should leverage if you are looking forward to a more comfortable retirement. 

3. Start Small — No Matter the Amount

One of the biggest mistakes people make is despising small beginnings, which could eventually turn into significant returns in the long run. 

You don’t have to start with saving huge amounts of money — start with any small amount you have — $25, $50, $100, just get started!  Over time, as your income steadies, you can increase the amount you save and end up with a huge amount by retirement.

4. Automate Your Savings

Usually, life throws obstacles and unseen emergencies to the discipline and hard work of investing, which is why you should automate your savings. 

Automating your equations keeps you from distractions that could affect your long-term financial goals. By creating a ban standing order, you’ll be automating a specific amount to go directly into your savings account on your payday. 

5. Increase Your Income

Regardless of your current income or position, there are various ways to improve your financial health and increase the number of your income streams. 

One way to do that is take up side gigs, such as writing for blogs, or delivering parcels and packages within your locality. 

Another thing you could do is to request a pay raise from your employer or check to see if there are higher positions that could expose you to higher pay and bonuses.  

All these ways will put in extra hundred bucks that you can deposit into your savings account.

6. Trim Discretionary Expenses

Part of saving includes canceling unnecessary discretionary expenses that mess up your budget, like eating out or taking an unplanned trip to “reward yourself” and “clear your head.” 

While you can only partially avoid them, keeping a sharp eye out to know what to avoid will take you a long way. Ideally, the more you can prevent, the more you can save — your priorities should be survival expenses like rent and food.

7. Watch Out for Lifestyle Creep

Although everyone deserves to have fun and enjoy the fruits of their hard work, you’ll still need to keep these random splurges at a minimum. 

The amount you splurge monthly should be minimal compared to what you save to advance your nest egg. Ideally, it’s best to save $3000 of your $4000 and splash $1000 to maintain your savings.

8. Buy a Home

It’s probably one of the most common myths you’ll encounter — that only the rich can own  homes. 

However, According to NBCNews, 66% of Americans are homeowners (among the ⅔ are people in the low-income bracket), with that number growing consistently.

If you can save up enough for your down payment, your mortgage installments will be lower than your current house rent, which will be a great path to wealth for you. 

However, if you do not have instant cash, you could take a loan with low interest or learn how to borrow money from the cash app for a quick loan and top up the balance.

Additionally, homeownership opens you to financial flexibility, including tax benefits and the ability to leverage your home on equity. 

It may not make you an instant millionaire, but it will reward you over time and you’ll enjoy the fruits of your smart financial decision. 

9. Minimize the Impact of Taxes

The best way to save is by minimizing taxes and investing in accounts with tax-advantage like 401(k) plans, 529 college savings plans, and individual retirement accounts (IRAs) that push you to save more and tax less.


Patiently allowing your money to grow over time is the best way to build wealth — don’t fall for the get-rich-quick schemes you see on tv advertisements or on the internet. 

Secondly, start saving early, no matter how small your income is, and allow your investment to grow over time. Then cover your assets in insurance as you minimize tax exposure.

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