What To Do When You’re Losing Customers

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What To Do When You're Losing Customers

It’s always disheartening the day you realize you’re losing customers, instead of gaining them. Maybe you saw it coming or hoped it’d turn around soon, but never wanted it to actually be your reality. This is when you have to persevere and not give up because of one bad report.

There’s obviously one, if not a few, issues going on that need to be addressed. Your first step is to research and figure out why you’re losing customers. You need to know what the hiccup is, so that you can fix it right away. You have to remain calm and problem solve. There’s no use in getting angry and throwing a fit. Be a leader and move the company in the right direction.

What To Do When You’re Losing Customers

Revisit your Marketing Plan

Take a look at what you’re doing and not doing that you could be when it comes to your marketing strategy. Make sure you’re going after your target audience and that you have it defined correctly. Test out different approaches with your social media pages, online advertising and in person events. Go through your website and work out any kinks. Confirm it’s easy to use and guides your users down the lead funnel seamlessly. If you’ve mostly been sharing images and text posts online then maybe try making videos to draw in more customers.

Check around Internally

Be attuned to what’s happening in your office. It could be that someone’s not doing their job properly and have, for instance, lost sensitive data. If this is the case, then you’ll want to hire computer forensics Washington DC to help recover your lost data and apologize to your clients and customers, hopefully regaining trust. You need to be aware of what your employees are up to and if there’s any foul play going on. Investigate and get to the bottom of what could be holding your company back from acquiring new customers and keeping the old ones.

Ask for Feedback

Go right to the source and ask your previous customers for feedback. Encourage them to be honest and share details with you about why they’re no longer a customer. This will help you sort through all of the possibilities you’re tossing around in your head and get right to the main cause. Pick up the phone, send surveys and hold individual meetings with some of your top customers who’ve recently left you.

Call A Meeting

One reason you build a company is to use each other for inspiration and to share ideas. Call a meeting and get everyone together to brainstorm and try to figure out what may be the cause for losing so many customers. You never know who will have a great thought that will lead to other excellent ideas and solutions. It’s also a good idea to be open and honest with your employees and let them know the customer situation.


What you shouldn’t do when you’re losing customers is panic. While you need to think quickly, you also don’t want to make the situation worse by acting off of emotion. Accept the reality and then deal with it professionally using these tips.

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