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The $5 Challenge

You only have $5. What will you do?

This challenge was put together by a Stanford University professor for a group of students.
I’m going to hand you a $5 note and 2 hours of time. How much can you generate with five dollars in the span of 2 hours?
When you are done, you are going to deliver a 30-min presentation on your success.
Let’s see…

Can you generate as much as a thousand dollars?
What about $500, $250, $50…or $10?
But before I reveal what the group with the highest income did, I want you to take a moment to pause. Imagine being in their shoes, what will you do with $5 and 2 hours to make the most money?
Some groups approached this challenge using the $5 to buy a sponge and clean supplies for a market-shift car wash.
Another group used the money to construct a lemonade stand.
“Let’s purchase a lottery ticket.” Another group brainstormed.
Did they make the highest money?
You don’t expect these groups to make much money, do you?
Of Course not. They didn’t.
They made a very small amount of money.

But a group did something different and they made lots of money…
What set this group apart from the rest is that they figured out quickly that $5 was too small to make a huge difference. It was a distraction. The professor had only distracted them from the more important question, which was “what can we do to make money if we start with absolutely nothing?”

**BOOM!!! **

A light bulb came up in their head. I bet you are also thinking of ideas to make $25, $50… probably $115.
But remember you have 2hrs to execute and make this money. 2hrs could be a huge time constraint.
One group quickly realised they could start acting fast by converting their 2 hours to book restaurant reservations in the local area and sell them to people who couldn’t wait.
Did this group emerge as the winner of the $5 challenge?
Definitely, they came close but were not the winner.
The group that emerged as the winner totally looked at the 2 hours differently.
They concluded that both the $5 and 2 hours are distractions.
Instead, they asked, “what do we have that is so valuable, that the right client will beg us to pay for it?”
That was a totally different attitude to the challenge.
Here is what they came up with.
“We gave a 3-minute presentation on what to consider while hiring Stanford graduates. Is there a recruitment company looking to hire Stanford graduates who need this?”
They reasoned among themselves and went to work on the idea. Looked for the company, sold the presentation and emerged as the winner.
The lesson here also applies to business.

While I have seen a lot of people focused on TACTICS:
❌ How to get more clients.
❌ How to close more sales.
❌ How to get more engagements on posts.
These sound good but are all distractions from what is most important.

They ignore the STRATEGY:
✔️ How can I create memorable shifts for my clients?
✔️ Who will benefit the most from my service?
✔️ What beliefs do they need to have?
✔️ How can I make this transformative result last for them?

With TACTICS, your concentration is on making more money and signing up clients. You’re obsessed with your own needs.
But with STRATEGY, you are more focused on creating memorable shifts and transformative results for clients. You are obsessed with the needs of the client.

This is a big shift and it’s powerful in business. Be obsessed with getting your clients results.
Certainly, you should have good content, be able to close clients on the phone etc. But that doesn’t come close to having a great offer and giving your clients a magnificent service.

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