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Want to inspire, engage, educate and entertain your audience about all things social media?  Then look no further.


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I’m an internationally recognised social media influencer who has delivered over 100 speeches in more than 10 countries.

I was listed in Forbes as being one of the top social media influencers and in the top twenty of women social media influencers.  So, I know my stuff.

"One of our members said it was one of the best talks on social she had ever attended."

Chartered Institute of Public Relations

And, I’ve hosted round table discussions, been on panels, a judge for Institutions, presented to small groups and delivered keynote speeches at annual events and conferences to audiences of thousands.

I tell it as it is and as someone who has built their social media following themselves, from scratch, I can talk from experience.  I know what it takes to make a social media impact and become an influencer.

“Lilach has the rare ability to light up a room when she speaks.  I would not hesitate to recommend her as a keynote speaker or facilitator.  In fact, she was the only roundtable leader to receive a spontaneous round of applause at the end!”

Eubea, The International Festival of Events and Live Communication

social media speakerWant a speaker who can talk about the practical aspects of social media and provide insight about what social media will look like in the future?  Want to know the real, no nonsense, steps to building traffic, increasing website conversions and building an online profile?  Then, look no further.

I’ve presented to corporates, mid-sized companies, small business owners, charities and students on how to effectively use social media to get lasting, tangible results. I also say it like it is and tell audiences exactly what they shouldn’t be doing on social media and how to avoid the classic face palm fails.

I can speak on a range of topics and will deliver an enthusiastic presentation to suit your needs – just ask!

"Lilach Bullock … was amazing…Delegates left the workshop with results-driven specific actions to ensure that their tweets and blogs would work to meet the objectives of their organisation."

Chartered Institute of Marketing

Presentations I have delivered include:

  • Why most businesses fail with social media - and how to avoid being one of them
  • Supercharging your online presence and the secret to connecting with influencers
  • Social media - where to start and why that matters
  • Driving traffic, leads and sales with social media - a blueprint for social media success
  • The power of social media and how it will share our lives in 2017 and beyond

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